Baba's Advise

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev saysΒ that sages and holymen should avoid being alone with women, including their mothers, daughters and mothers-in-law, as that was the prescription laid down in Hindu scriptures. This came after the arrest of Asaram Bapu in alleged rape case of a minor girl.
Although Baba Ramdev seem to have learnt his lessons during his protest at Ram Leela Maidan when the Sheila Dikshit govt sent cops mid night to crush the growing crowd and Baba ji had to run for his life.He was seen jumping off the stage and also seen escaping the place wearing Salwar Kameez(Indian traditional women attire) to fool the cops.
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  1. haha…after Lord Ram, all those who named themselves with “Ram” somewhere in there name and reached a popular/powerful position have got into trouble…
    1) Baba “Ram”dev
    2) Asa”Ram” Bapu
    3) “Ram”Jeth malani
    4) “Ram” Vilas Paswan πŸ˜›

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