42 responses on “Butter Up the Boss ;)

  1. Harsha

    Buttering..Never worked for me..The reason is I just can’t butter and hate the fact of buttering but I still see many of my friends buttering their seniors and getting their work done…

    1. My Say

      buttering requires us to spend useless extra time on flattering bosses which could be ideally used to better ones skills 🙂
      I promote buttering only when I am the ultimate boss 😀 😉

  2. Athenas Take

    I love butter, krishna loves butter, most people in our country love this kind of butter, sometimes I find it difficult identify the difference between buttering and total dip in butter as it is so common in offices, schools and businesses.

  3. jahidakhtar

    No matter how much we may hate buttering, but it really works 🙂 It works with Boss, it works with wife, with parents and sometime even with friends. My bad, I’m not good at buttering 🙂

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