Reform Home for Rape and Murder?

16th December 2012 , as named by the media ‘Nirbhaya’ a 23 year old student got raped and brutally murdered in a moving bus and she and her male friend were thrown out of the bus to die. The girl could not be saved. An incident which brought nation on roads. Culprits caught included 5 men between whom one was a juvenile. Β One of them committed suicide in the jail , three await verdict while the juvenile found guilty of rape and murder has been sentenced 3 years in Reform Home Β minus the eight months which he has already spent in the reform home during the trial.
A juvenile ? He who can rape and murder brutally , can he be actually even termed a juvenile and treated as one ? Was justice delivered ? πŸ™
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  1. This is totally disgusting! A rapist is sentenced to just three years because of a certificate that he is a minor. Now that is like giving an invitation to vile men below the age of 18 to continue such disgraceful acts…
    This is an event which makes me doubt my own country’s judicial system…

    1. πŸ™ Yes Karan the verdict sounded robotic and meaningless .. if just books were to follow on conditions and logic .. why human Judges ? Why not softwares ! A programme would work faster than the judges who just know how to postpone dates and cases !

  2. Jack such are the laws which are meant to protect the innocent and gullible, if somebody gets advantage of this law, what can be done

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    1. that is the point Vaisakh .. this mean a programmed robot and take similar decisions why put a salaried judge if he is just following logic of the law and no logic of common sense πŸ™

    1. yes and elderly .. can actually do anything .. here no matter how capable they are to destroy intestines or break faith in humanity and spirituality .. they will be pardoned πŸ™

  4. The Union Cabinet in June 2012 cleared a Bill that raises the age of legal sex from 16 to 18. It clearly states that sex under the age of 18 whether consensual or not will be deemed as legal rape and is subject to trial with sentences ranging from three years to life imprisonment.. When consensual sex can be given life imprisonment, how come a rapist get only 3 years…Damn, they are manipulating the law

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