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  1. Perfect advice. I again feel this too should be made into a poster and stuck on college notice boards, bus stations… every noticeable place.

  2. Pepper Bags a really affordable..I have also gifted one to my GF and apart from that women should always have the confident look in their eyes..Nice very Nice my friend.. 🙂

    1. thanks Harsha !! awareness to be alert and prepared is the only practical way out .. the demons at loose normally do all this when intoxicated .. that means if handled properly they can be physically tackled as well ! A Pepper Spray is a mandatory weapon .. and at times your girlfriend can use it on you also .. say if you are late 😀 😉

  3. I agree with Harsha. Carry pepper spray if possible. Courage and confidence may not be enough sometimes. Come to think of it..courage, confidence, pepper spray…being a child, not being alone, covering up…nothing works in our country now. Sigh…I am highly disillusioned right now.

    1. Its a global issue Sfurti, I feel, somewhere it is less .. and in India it is high.. Indeed .. a Pepper Spray is utmost important and so is .. courage to use it when needed and confidence to use it right in the eyes .. kick or punch hard and run away !! 😀

      1. I disagree. I can never look at it like this. We can never justify the garbage in our home by saying there is garbage in other homes also. It is our problem, let us all focus on the issue and put in little and big steps towards making a better society for women.

        1. You disagree ? On the fact that woman security is a worldwide problem ? That cant be !! It is ! Did i sound like this is a world level issue and let Obama resolve it first ? 🙁 well in that case I apologize for being misunderstood! I never meant I want other countries to solve this issue for us ! Ofcourse this is our devil too and we need to kill it our way ! Morality is missing .. in our society … no weapon can stop rape practically .. brains need to be washed .. through the cleaner of spiritual awakening and moral preaching.. pepper sprays and martial arts do not work on a gang .. Being an x – street fighter .. I know .. how does it feel when 6 people attack simultaneously !!
          I am among those who hates relating to other countries .. at least the bad !!

          1. No No I agree that it is a worldwide problem ofcourse 🙂 But I disagree when this statement is used to justify its presence in India. The fact is, it is a big issue in our country and it will lead to disillusions.
            And really you were a street fighter? :-O :-O. Then in all seriousness you should share some fighting tricks..may be in one of your post!

          2. sure 🙂 I will someday 🙂 Street Fight needs so much confidence , self-belief , wit !
            Sfurti .. philosophically thinking … some problem ought to be there in this world .. we are just playing our role ..mortals we, are trying to change something .. of which we are just a particle !! If you see it in broader prospect .. and if you believe in the existence of Super Power ..you will agree Evil is born out of the same Super Power and is controlled by the same!
            I may not make sense if you narrow down to the core issue .. but if you think about what I am saying .. this is what we all need to think .. our basic necessity the urge , the lust , the ambition .. will die down its own death ..

    1. thanks Pritam !! Indeed I feel, presence of mins during such attacks is the strongest weapon that can save victims . I have been a street fighter in my college days 😀 and I have tackled situation of being gheraoed by 15 – 20 people at times .. some times by threatening like Rajani Sir .. sometimes .. by hitting the weaker ones and showing I can be ferocious.. and sometimes by running like Usain Bolt 😀
      What we need most in such situations is presence of mind.. creating situations .. and using brains .. to escape and not submit.. pepper spray can work only when a women’s brain is working in such situation

  4. Pepper sparay should be mandatory items in all ladies handbags. That’s one awesome kick she’s giving. As Indrani said it would be a good poster to display in all sorts of public places.
    Thanks for visiting my site recently.

    1. Thats so true !! These pepper sprays are indeed mandatory items for women to keep and use when required.
      Thanks a ton for your appreciation 🙂
      Your work is inspiring. It was my pleasure to have been able to see your work.

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