Law and the Godman

Asaram Bapu , one of the most renowned Godman of the nation who has been making news after two boys died under mysterious conditions in his ashram few years back and early this year for carelessly wasting water while many states were suffering from drought, to play Holi(the festival of colours), has made it to the news yet again for allegedly sexually assaulting a 15 year old devotee in his ashram. Its been a fortnight almost since the case has been registered and the self-proclaimed Godman is yet to surrender seeking further time to surrender which eventually was denied by cops. The police also says that the charges against him are correct and while some are of the view that he enjoys political patronage of big political leaders of major Indian parties,he denied the same.On the contrary,he says he is being victimized by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.As if they get any time off from project Modi, the falling rupee,the trembling economy and the Vadra land scam, to plan and Β victimize him of all.
Is this incident any different from the recent Mumbai Gangrape case of a 22 year old photojournalist or the Delhi Gangrape case last year which brought many citizens on the roads ? At least he should surrender to the law and let the investigation begin if he is innocent.A commoner is immediately arrested under defamation case for certain Facebook posts against political leaders if complained by the political party but when it comes to powerful people like Asaram suddenly our entire system becomes very lenient.Why ?
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  1. These babas are never gonna change..and about the inaction, maybe we can say that deep pockets help at times…
    We need to change this attitude though…and the public must rise to counter this problem…

        1. hahaha. Magic Tricks indeed !! But these days what they sell is assurances and guarantees .. and all it takes is assuring 100 people that their work will be done and that they should work harder .. at least 40 will work hard after the assurance and achieve what they want to .. the first 40 who succeed will re sell the assurance scheme to others πŸ˜€
          Mortals love assurances and thats why these Godmen are !!

  2. No serious action being taken against these godmen! Political patronage is fine, but what is more irritating is the blind faith of the people in spite of the cases pending against them. This Babaji didn’t lose support after the death of two boys! At the end of the day it is the common men getting robbed and fooled.
    The recent death of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar is pending and God knows when justice will be delivered !!

    1. blind faith .. be it on politicians or spiritual gurus .. leads to killing and harassment of whistle blowers πŸ™ rational thinking is missing and those raise voices their voices are shut down forever

  3. I wonder how law and police can be so helpless to do nothing at all!
    Whom does common man depend on?
    Great work again!

  4. its not the fault of godman its the fault of people who make them god…
    thay take advantage of this and make them fool
    i surprised how people have somuch time to worship such fool people and make them god

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