Baba Meditating

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Some scandalous religious gurus have forced us to doubt almost all spiritual and religious gurus around.Its sad that they themselves get busy enjoying materialistic happiness of life.Some are alleged to have minted crores of rupees and some in sexual allegations. The moment they caught they portray to be framed.

Its astonishing that they who preach spiritualism are accused of tax-evasion,sexual assault and threatening victims.

27 responses on “Baba Meditating

  1. Harsha

    Even Baba’s are getting excited now a days and using all their spiritual knowledge for such cheap things..I really wonder if they have any spiritual knowledge…Nevertheless now Asaram is saying that the Girl is mentally unstable…Asaram ke to naam pe hi Saram nahi hai to what can we expect from him..

  2. gc1963

    There was a time when spiritualism meant renunciation, austerity and a quest of the highest order. Now it means media hype, scandals and scams. I was shocked when Narendra Chanchal, the famous Jagaran singer, was booked in dowry case for allegedly harassing and physically assaulting his daughter-in-law for money. But my colleagues told me that I should not get confused between his profession and personal life. Thanks to them I came to my senses. I had really got confused and equated his profession of singing devotional songs with a life full of devotion. How wrong was I….

    1. My Say

      Well when Spiritualism becomes profession .. the first thing that happens is the guy in white is declared defeated by guy in black , inside ..
      Who do we knock for help when gurus turn zombies !! πŸ™

      1. gc1963

        I think profession is the word which robs the sanctity of the ism. When we say profession we actually mean a means to earn a livelihood and not inner development. You are right!

        1. My Say

          professionalism sadly means professional with the capability of utlizing his expertise to mint mollahs and thats all .. πŸ™ it rarely holds the literal meaning πŸ™ Godmen and politicians .. they are biggest examples of professionals who should be levied under the same head πŸ™

  3. seena

    The next thing he would say will be the girl didn’t call him ‘bhai’ or chant shlokas… Call me whatever, but I have always HATED, yes hated, ALL godmen and women and I don’t see any reason yet to change that stand ..

    1. My Say

      like politicians … spiritual leaders .. too are made by us and then they take us for a ride πŸ™ .. Vijay Ji .. the common factor is they who become rich and/or powerful exploit the commoners in the name of politics .. God .. anything

  4. namrota

    God knows when people would look at life beyond these babas and babis… its because of their superstitious faith in them that they become super hit and have their way. :-/

    Very good Jack.

    1. My Say

      True Nams human tendency of looking for assurance in words has given birth to Insurance companies and Super Human Babas and Babis πŸ™‚ and with conditions apply .. they serve you never when you most need them πŸ˜€

    1. My Say

      They spare not Gods.. pupil are easy pray … they are God’s self proclaimed men .. the unwanted Godmen πŸ™
      Aazi plz check your spam I had commented on your latest post but it entered the spam .. its happening with many sites I am posting my comments on .

        1. My Say

          I know .. I have been intimidating all fellow bloggers on WordPress that Akismet somehow does not like me anymore πŸ™ and hence transfers my comments to spam .. they are jealous of our friendship πŸ˜€

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