Lok Sabha passes Food Bill

The Food Bill Β which seeks to provide cheap foodgrains to 82 crore people in the country, ithe biggest programme in the world to fight hunger,has been passed by the Lok Sabha. The UPA govt’s last major weapon to convince voters for UPA 3 seem to have hit the target thanks to Sonia Gandhi.Β 

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0 thoughts on “Lok Sabha passes Food Bill”

  1. Food Bill to pass ho gaya,ab dekhna ye hai ki kitno ko yeh Food Bill ka fayada hota hai..As per UPA history goes I don’t see anyone benefiting except the Politicians though the Bill is a very nice and bold initiative by UPA

    1. Indeed Harsha the Bill was much required .. it is important to see how transparent the entire system will be !!
      Aisa bills and schemes bohot pass hua .. everything goes in Political pockets and that is the issue !

      1. And that’s what I fear this time also,this is the Largest or Biggest Bill passed in History so just think what will be outcome if not implemented properly,all the Political Parties will be sitting Bags of Gold..

  2. I was never in support of Food Security Bill. Most of the notable economists and financial analyst have said that food security bill will hamper investments and hinder overall economic development. It just servers a short-term purpose (officially) of giving cheap food to the poor and at the same time helping UPA in the upcoming election.
    One major issue with India is we look for free or subsidized benefits. For how many years do you think the Government can keep on providing cheap grains to the poor. I believe there is a high chance they will back off after election.
    The politicians seldom talks about growth or development. A simple example is in USA almost 5 times crops can be cultivated from same area of land than in India & it is 3 times in Australia. Why can’t we implement these technologies in India? Why can’t we provide employment to the poor so that they can feed themselves and become independent? Rather most of the people are happy with cheap food grains! The FSB is a kind of free charity to gain confidence of the voters.

    1. hahaha thats the policy of congress .. to make you dependent on the govt !! πŸ˜€ and the people .. they are bigger fools they need everything free πŸ˜€
      Nice Idea for a doodle πŸ˜€

    1. the quality will be standard the type available in Mid-Day meals .. the only difference would be this would not be cooked πŸ˜€ but rats and cats should not amaze you being weighed with the grains πŸ˜€

  3. Telangana hit! Food bill about to!! Nice take…
    I am completely against this bill right from the start. It is successful or not doesnt matter. India needs employment, development not cheap ( free) food. People have to have long term and stable plans for sustainance. Food bill is completely uncalled for.

    1. give food to the hungry .. and he will forget working once and for all .. the UPA has succeeded to cripple India’s future backed by all other parties !!

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