Food Security Bill

Cheap food or Employment Opportunities what will make a nation stronger ?
Co-Blogger friends – Pritam and ChinksΒ rightly mentioned in my previous toon post on the Food Security BillΒ that instead of providing Employment and Industrial opportunities to make the nation self-dependent .. availability of Cheap Food Grain is rather making India dependent on Governments and subsidies !!
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0 thoughts on “Food Security Bill”

    1. true Harsha, they just want to cripple and make us dependent on them entirely .. subsidies and reservation politics is the biggest weapon congress has been using since 6 decades !

  1. People are already dependent on the Government. Providing food is just a way to earn more votes and to decrease the incentives of working people.
    There is a lot of work which can be done to perfection by the use of labor, and rather than doing that, the Government wishes to provide free food. As I said before, it’s just a way to earn more votes and to continue spoiling our country through foolish ways.
    Nice doodle, as always..:)

    1. If it had been cutting down on their own incomes and providing the subsidized grains .. would have still made sense .. Its like taking it from the earning brother and distributing it to among the non working brothers .. and then claiming credits πŸ™
      Thank you Karan for your appreciations !! πŸ™‚

      1. Agree…they target the people who do not care about what happens to the other citizens and they eagerly go on to achieve that..
        Our politicians are just vote hungry, and do not wish for the betterment of the ‘general’ citizens of the nation.

  2. Very beautifully expressed! This is indeed the truth! When the Govt gives them free food and stuff, they’ll never work and want everything from others. This is a growing problem in India!……and yes! Your creativity blew my head off yet again! πŸ˜€

    1. In any case , Bushra Ma’m schemes such as these are many in India and they do not reach the last mile ! πŸ™ Thank you so very much for all your wonderful praises but πŸ™ get your head in place .. at the earliest.. you are the only one who praises my work that nicely and I cant loose you πŸ™‚

  3. More than the bill making people disabled, my worry is where is the money to subsidize food grain? Also, are they really counting on the problematic PDS that had taken corruption to new highs? This is seriously ridiculous. Look at the way the economy is tanking.

    1. Akismet is playing bad games πŸ™ even my comments are entering spams of wordpress hosted blogs πŸ™ thanks you informed Rachna !
      The Summary is What may fetch them easy votes … will surely bring enough trouble in coming days …Sania ji did talk about monitoring the entire distribution channel πŸ˜€ lets see what all big talks … give us in future !

  4. Well said MS ! apt doodle… Food security bill is just another scheme to fill the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats in the name of filling poor people’s stomach. Politicians are busy finding new ways of corruption. Even the anti corruption bill is used for bargaining and filling their pockets.

    1. Thanks Seena πŸ™‚
      the pain is we have great schemes launched since 85 years and the best thing is .. they never reach the beneficiary πŸ™ what is the point introducing all this crap to eat of the money we pay as taxes ..? Eat it up directly ! As if we can do anything πŸ™

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