VHP Ayodhya Yatra stopped.

The Akhilesh Yadav government made Ayodhya almost a fort with 8000 cops and also got hundreds of preventive arrests since yesterday to ensure that the VHP was unable to set off on a 300-km march through six districts to circle Ayodhya.The six UP districts that the VHP yatra would have traveled through have a decent Muslim population. The VHP, a wing of RSS demanding Ram Temple in the disputed area of Ayodhya has declared revival of the yatra from the coming month to gain support for the same. Praveen Togadia , the leader of VHP has been taken into preventive custody while anothe VHP leader , Ashok Singhal, has been detained at the Lucknow Airport.
This unsuccessful Yatra ,seem to have served its purpose- the Govt of UP Β showed how concerned it is about the security of Muslims ( a major source of its vote bank) and the VHP rekindling the Ram Temple issue may have revived BJP’s place in the minds of Β those few hardline Hindu voters who wish to see Ram Temple in the disputed area of Ayodhya.
Isn’t this dual politics in the name of faiths ?
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    1. BJP safely kept itself out of it .. directly πŸ™‚ though and this is a just a way of convincing .. hardliner voters in Hindus .. I feel πŸ™‚ This is not going to effect Modi’s direct fan following as I feel.. the intention to make sure the Yatra be stopped was a part of their plan πŸ™‚ may be mutual plan .. where SP could impress its minority voter bank and BJP could impress the hardliners who still want to see Ram Lala Temple at the disputed place.. By no means , I feel , 1992 , will ever be repeated as .. the literacy level and the logic level has increased among the majority .. in any case .. those who were involved in the demolition were not commoners by any chance .. just these cadres in 1000s .. with vested interests or brain washed !!

  1. Temple or Mosque they are ready to sell their God also when it is needed in the name of vote and we the common people most of the time fail to see this..
    Be Hindu or Muslims–I always say “India” comes first than Religion..

  2. Be it Hindu or Muslim, most of the Indians are driven by religious sentiments and this is exploited by parties for their own political interest. When will they realise that India comes before any religion or party ?

    1. thanks dear friend !
      Indeed … Religion has been thoroughly molded for several vested interests all over the nation specifically .. Earning in the name of God !!

    1. hahaha Vijay Ji … you know .. they need votes of fanatic Hindus as well who want Temple at any cost .. the ones who are truly fanatic and believe demolishing a Mosque to build a Temple is a right move πŸ™
      What the Mughals did .. should we repeat that ? Had we been so hurt why did not our ancestors fight the Mughals out and kept the temple intact .. then and why not so many centuries in between .. why now ?
      Shri Ram Temple should be built inside the heart and we should learn grace and forgiveness from His life rather than fighting for a place on earth.He stays everywhere doesn’t He?

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