23 thoughts on “Big Guy”

      1. well I understand that the header doodle actually makes no sense 🙂 I initially made it as a sequel of a doodle ..
        when I post that doodle you will understand .. what this header meant – but for now – my blog is in the cage and other bloggers are the fishes coming out of the cage … that means co-bloggers are going away from my blog .. they like it no more 😀

    1. hahaha 😀 .. to kya awesome 😀 ?
      hahaha.. big guy hum bolte hain paise walo ko normally .. say casually we say oh he is one big guy – means he is filthy rich and powerful kinds ..
      here the girlfriend thinks boys friend is some rich guy .. while he comes out to be a heavy guy literally !!

  1. comboupdates.com

    Jack like Bush I didn’t get the meaning till you explained it. All my friends are big guys (not in heavy way) does that make me more suitable to get girlfriends 🙂

  2. Now we all knows how a Girl thinks…Lekin phir bhi in most of the cases Ladke ke hi galti hoti hai ki wo aache se nahi samjha paya.. 🙂
    Atleast mere saath to aisa hi hota hai.. 😛

    1. hahaha
      nahi nahi aisa nahi hai 🙂 ladke bhi aisa sochte hain .. my friend is very beautiful … teh girl says and the boyfriend thinks wow some beauty will arrive .. and then after the boyfriend is made to meet with some really dark and healthy girl .. his heart breaks .. and when this dark healthy friend of the girl leaves .. the girl says – did not I tell you sweetheart my friend is beautiful … and the boy questions beautiful ? and the girl answers -” from heart ” 😀

      1. Hahaha..Bahut Idea hai janab aapko…..Lekin hamari ye aadat to sabko maloom hai..Ladki gori ho ya Kali dekhi to jaati hi hai….Aur ladki waisa isliye kari hai kyunki woh hamari reaction dekhna chahti hai..dusri ladki ki baat nikalne se.. 😛

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