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  1. comboupdates.com

    Excellent. This is what has happened over two UPA rules. The Country decaying from 8+ growth to 5- growth now

    1. Thank You Vijay Ji 🙂 Indian economy from breakout to breakdown as they said in one of the channels 🙁 thanks to the policies and economists of class

  2. hmm so much for the vows … disappointing that our rupee has fallen for nothing in the international market … hope RBI has a backup plan ! .. couple of days back heard that Deutsche Bank Manager estimated that the rupee is going to be at a free fall of 70.00 … guess what !! we are looking at a price rise in many imported items and “crude oil” !! common man grilling …

    1. thanks to the great economists and their policies ! I have a toon dropping in on the economic policies .. Good to see you reviving back .. brother .. rupee falling made me as upset as your absence in Blogosphere

    1. Thanks Sushmitha !
      indeed its bad .. but then the ones who are supposed to take care of the economy seems relaxed .. so just say Aal Ij Well 😀 to your heart

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