VHP's renewed demands for Ram Mandir spoils Modi's call for Muslim votes

While Gujarat CM Narendra Modi seemed to be looking for answers  (in a BJP executive meeting in Delhi)as to why not Muslims nationwide be supporting BJP if 20-25%  Muslims in Gujarat vote for him , he probably has the questioned answered by VHP- one of the wings of RSS. The VIshwa Hindu Parishad a hardcore Hindutva arm called on the Yadavs in UP seeking the state government’s permission to carry out a march for a Ram Mandir(temple) at the disputed site in Ayodhya and was denied the same.
Is the VHP really helping Modi this way, is the only question!
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0 thoughts on “VHP's renewed demands for Ram Mandir spoils Modi's call for Muslim votes”

  1. Oh I see Modi is trying to become secular but these VHP guys seems like not happy with that.. 😛
    Anyway Politics is game where Beta Baap ko nahin pechanta aur ye log to kurchi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai..
    I wish these VHP,RSS,Bajrang,Shiv Sena vanish someday with all the corrupt babus

    1. 🙂 Communal Counter Attacking I suppose is required to maintain a balance .. these groups have formed mostly after ferocious behavior of hardcore groups following other faiths . 🙂
      In any case .. the negligible votes which BJP might have picked up via Minorities have turned down to negative after this , I feel !!

      1. Indeed you are right…With these things coming up BJP is sureshot losing the minorities vote
        And these groups always have nothing better to do instead stirring a flame and then they wait and watch the drama..

    1. hahaha .. I want Ram and his temple too but to remain in my heart as always .. even my Ram does not need a place on any land which will take away innocent lives ..

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