Congress BJP gear up for Social Media War

While BJP has been active on Social Media networks since a few years now and Narendra Modi being very active has been able to connect to many internet surfers with his team of Social Media promoters , the Congress got all inspired and the govt got a cell to counter and campaign on the virtual world as well . Happy Enlightenment !! 😀 With the General Election 2014 nearing close both the parties have geared up for a tough tussle online and to attract votes as well.
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    Jack NaMo knows the pulse of the nation whereas Baba is in some kind of freudian spell equating poverty with state of mind 🙂 NaMo wins the social networking round pants down
    PS couldnt visit your awesome doodles due to busy schedule 🙂

    1. true words Pritam !! that says it all BJP has done its homework.. rather NaMo has developed a strong Virtual Army of Supporters 😀
      Congress has recently woken up !!

    1. Yes !! I will 😀 hahaha
      Its drawn on Photoshop with SketchBoard and Digital Pen 🙂
      hahaha.. dear friend .. knowledge is to share .. I believe .. today I answer you what might help you tomorrow someone else will help me when needed ..
      Interestingly even I asked a painter from America … who disclosed this ..they are truly helpful people ! My Indian brothers good at this .. always lied .. you know how much we Indians hate competitions 😀

    1. hahaha..
      its a crazy war .. in the real and now in the virtual space .. between groups who work for vested interests 😀 .. make and manipulate and delete comments and promises too 😀

    1. 🙂 thank you so very much
      They may also hire satirists and cartoonists to attack each other and software engineers who can make Poking Software which can literally poke 😀

    1. hahaha .. yes and software engineers and hackers will be in great demand .. i know why you prefer online voting 😀 u will get Muh Maangi Keemat for being a Software Eng 😀

  2. The problem with most online debates is people fight dirty to justify their points. Abusing the other party and name calling seems to be the norm. Rarely (scratch that…it should be never) have I seen anyone putting constructive points in these debates. Each party’s supporters put a lot of effort and research to come up with all possible wrongs with the other party’s approach in handling a articular issue or strategic decision, but never talk of the better solution that their party would have implemented if given a chance.

    1. I agree cent percent .. in fact these debates even on the TV news channels take an unwanted direction away from facts and the conclusion remains 0 .. even in case of debates hosted by Arnab Goswami I dont see any healthy debate happening .. Online debates are normally between ill-informed fanatic followers .. of parties and leaders .. more baseless !!

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