Market Crashes , FM assures revival steps

Finance Minister P Chidambaram appealed for calm and requested people not to panic saying that the sharp falls in domestic markets that sent the rupee to a record low were a reaction to global developments after markets crashed on Friday and rupee hit a record low 62 to USD yet again.

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17 responses on “Market Crashes , FM assures revival steps

    1. My Say

      haha well .. Ecstasy forsure .. comparing with bigger crap to claim this one was smaller 😀 its funny when they not only think but declare that they consider us fools . with such statements they make ..

  1. Ankur Anand

    brilliant one .. even when dollar almost touched 62 and pound closing 95 and onion 100 rs per kg . ..he says why are we worried as if we have the amount of black money they have .. we aren’t lagging behind Zim..

  2. Harsha

    Today Rupee is above 62 it is 62.475..But what is there to worry for FM,PM,CM…for their convenience Swiss Bank has still not clarified the amount of Black Money they hold and The main reason of rupee falling is because these corrupt politicians holding the Indian Rupee in the form of Black Money and in return they tell the Public “All izz Well”…

    I wonder why don’t guinness put the Politicians in their record book… 😉

    1. My Say

      hahaha soon you will find their names … just that they are negotiating the pricing at which they will sell their names for the record 😀 business everywhere 😀 they think !

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