LOC ceasefire violation continues

Pakistan army opens fire eight times in last four days ! Β Thankfully,no causalities have been reported so far . Tension continues along the border after 5 Indian jawans were killed by Pakistan army intruders who entered Indian territory of Poonch in Jammu and launched a severe attack.
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35 thoughts on “LOC ceasefire violation continues”

        1. hahahaaahahaha …. they are supported by opportunists from India as well that is why these people are still existing .. had India be willing .. both these characters would have been history long back
          and look at the audacity of this chancellor .. he every now and then warns India !
          His University pupils will soon be a pain in his own neck .. I bet !! Hatred never gets you love for long !!

      1. thanks a ton .. πŸ™‚ blushing πŸ™‚
        In fact it was one of the biggest media run reality show I pity how easily we buy all these Breaking News πŸ™

  1. I am reading “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” and loving it. What struck me as odd is that the main protagonist in the story – a Pakistani guy, is angry at the war mongering tactics of India after the attack on the Indian parliament in 2001. We, in India, generally believe we are the peaceful ones and they are the war mongers – in this case their Lashkar e toiba did the attacking and they are angry at our war mongering. What I’m getting at is how effective the huge propaganda machines seem to be. Their purpose is to keep the ordinary person’s feelings high and to obfuscate the truth.

    1. I am of the view that fundamentalists are nothing but partial . Those who are bad with tolerance and acceptance.. religion can be any but the fact these fundamentalists be it following any belief,principal or faith .. do not they are the reason many become like them and worse !!
      Today Saffron Terror is a fact hidden somewhere but is a reality …justification to violence can be any . but result is continuing disaster … of human and nature !!
      To forgive and forget is what they teach the Gods from all faith .. still in the name of Almighty we kill !! πŸ™

  2. Please Check this Jack… especially look at those comments.. They are saying like this,
    (i am on no party side, a citizen wants gud administration) what say you about this… Opinion please..
    “Someone’s interesting take:
    Read carefully again and again, and understand!
    Reasons why Congress is winning for the past 65 years and why it will win in the future:
    ( A View Point)
    Currently, on an average (over states) there are:
    15% Muslims, 8% Christians, 7% Others and 70% Hindus.
    That is:
    out of 100 people, there are 70 Hindus, 8 Christians, 15 Muslims and 7 Others.
    Voter registration is as follows:
    90% of Muslims, 90% Christians and 60% Hindus and 90% Others.
    This means:
    out of 100 people, 42 Hindus, 14 Muslims, 7 Christians and 6 ‘Others’ will Register for vote.
    Now, interesting point
    Out of the registered voters having voter ID or at least having interest in selecting their representative.
    Have a look at the number of turnouts:
    50% Hindus will vote, 90% Muslims will vote, 90% Christians will vote and 90% others will vote.
    this means:
    Ultimately 21 Hindus will vote, 13 Muslims will vote, 6 Christians and 5 ‘Others’ will vote during election and these 45 (45%) people are responsible for selecting the representative and deciding the future of our dear Great mother land (India!!!)
    now see Out of these 45 people of total population who votes for whom!
    It is highly likely that out of 13 Muslims, 10 will vote for Congress,
    Out of 6 Christians, 5 will vote for Congress and
    out of 5 others, 3 will vote for congress.
    it means:
    Congress will get 18 non Hindu votes, BJP may get 1 Muslim or Christian and 1 others vote.
    So what BJP has got? BJP has got 2 non Hindu votes!
    Other parties, that are third front, may get 2 Muslim or Christian and 1 vote from others.
    That is, ‘Others’ may get 3 non Hindu votes.
    ***Very important!******
    Coming to Hindu votes:
    now Out of 21 Hindus.
    If 5 vote for Congress, 10 vote for BJP and 6 vote for other parties
    *****Final result will be:******:
    Congress 23 votes, BJP 12 votes, other parties will get 9 votes.
    This has been the trend since 1990, therefore, Congress do not bother for
    Hindu votes!!!!
    Congress loses in States where the Muslims do not vote for them.
    If Congress scares minority from majority, which is easy in the name of burka “secularism”, their 90% work is done….and they have been doing so religiously..
    It is highly likely that the trend will continue and may vary by few percent
    and the Congress will remain in Power, as minority population increases, for
    the next 100 years..
    So what is the Mantra to thrash congress? and defeat Islamic Terrorism?
    1. Register yourself for Voter ID;
    2. Get the Voter ID as soon as possible;
    3. Do not go for picnick and picture during election day;
    4. Vote for nationalist and patriotic leader like narendra Modi on election day;
    5. Islamic terrorism is growing rapidly and soon enter into india with a bang! if we will celebrate the picknic and go for picture on election day, our children will not be alive to celebrate all these nice moments!”
    Seen it on FB https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=292399907566331&set=a.118146701658320.18858.107229389416718&type=1&theater

    1. well although I may not comment on the numbers dear friend but the result is quite a possibility .. to get out of the grasp of opportunist administration .. even the minorities need to stand by specifically Muslim brothers and sisters with a huge population .. they need to stop being in state of fear … under which they have become far more aggressive.. and they are choosing corruption for the sake of fake safety .. if congress was so secular riots against Sikhs would not have taken place.. and Titler would not be set free .. point is opportunists are all parties but with Modi specifically being the leader ( note I am not pro Modi) i have hopes .. no other BJP leader and in congress there is no one to look upto .. they are corrupt all in all from top to bottom..
      Its the responsibility of Muslim brothers and sisters to stop fearing restlessly and learn from Sikhs .. they are lot less yet loved .. because they do not live in fear .. anyways who are they being scared with ? Hindus?? had Hindus been so aggressive they would not have allowed Mughals and other kings in .. Hindus are pro peace and bad at war even now !! Yes .. this communalism in Hindus is due to the excessive and unwanted benefits given to Self Proclaimed secular parties to specifically Muslims and no other minorities .. sense of fear has been developing in Hindus too
      I want to ask my Muslim brothers and sisters .. do they not know at least area in every city predominated by Muslims and bears a Pakistani flag ? go to any city !! my question is WHY ? is this Pakistan ? I have no personal problem with Pak’s flag in Indian territory provided they were friendly .. but is Pak friendly at all ?
      When Kasab got caught many of muslim friends were of the view that he might be picked up from somewhere and may have been portrayed as Pak terrorists .. When India won .. it were many muslim friends who said it was a bought World Cup !!
      Then their constant support to all corrupt parties .. its sad .. its been 66 plus years and there is only 1 community which is not accepting India as mother land entirely . ( Please note I am not talking about all Muslims .. still the ones who are yet consider India as their own are huge ) This fact is not hidden and is publicly debated many a times.
      A good administration can only happen with the right leader .thats my bottomline dear friend

          1. LOL….Leo stun gun?!!!!! BTW, being a man, it’s your duty to have Rambo type gun and I will laze around in the sun, pampering my skin. (PS: I hope this is not a sexist comment. I would hate to be targeted by feminist movement :P)

          2. ofcourse its a sexist comment and before the feminist .. i want the male association to condemn this statement .. of yours πŸ™‚ .. are men made of metal ? Rambo ji was so great .. women need equality then they should build up body like him and do the border cleaning work πŸ˜€

          3. There are female body-builders too. You should approach them. I believe in making the most of being a woman, given that I am discriminated for being one every now and then. If I get disadvantages of being a woman, I would shamelessly exploit its advantages too. πŸ˜€

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