15 responses on “Defence Minister's U Turn on LoC killings

  1. maverickkajal

    This only shows the kind of hollowness with which they deal with the important issue of our defense, making our intrepid soldiers fodder. You have brought out in the open their hypocrisy.

    1. My Say

      Yes Sir .. in fact I have started doubting authenticity of these news .. how can responsible people give statements without homework just to readily change it the next day ?

  2. njoyeverymoment

    instead of fighting for the jawans right ,they are busy discussing and blaming each other …they can sit together and can decide on the rest course of action …..if it had been in USA,the other day they could have captured pakistan 🙁 🙁

  3. aamjunta

    Superb cartoon.

    Regarding the Defence Minister’s statement – I did not expect better from this government. But, what saddened me is the opposition. The way they are grouping now, same corrupt government in another form may come up again in 2014.

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