Poverty is a state of mind-Rahul Gandhi

“Poverty is just a state of mind. It does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence, then one can overcome poverty,” Rahul Gandhi.
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0 thoughts on “Poverty is a state of mind-Rahul Gandhi”

  1. wonderful..amazing…it was only yesterday..me and Shrimaan ji were mocking at this marvelous statement from OWL Baba. I must say he is amusing 😀

    1. thanks Jigs ! 🙂 well .. the statement was not that wrong poverty is just a state of mind … like NaMo is a state of fear and crises in congress 😀

  2. Rahul a is completely out of his Mind and I guess its not his fault as he in the past,now or in future will ever face the real Poverty… Kehte hai na “Bandar kya jaane Adrak ka Swad”

  3. I don’t blame Pappu ! He is from a billionaire family and very much cut from the ground reality… Plus we don’t expect anything sensible from him !!
    Found this joke on Facebook:
    In 2014 when Rahul goes the people and ask for votes to help in come to power, those people reply “Power is a state of mind… If you have the confidence you will get it!”

  4. Awesome doodle! ‘Poverty is just a state of mind’-what phoney, stupid statement! He isn’t poor or he would really not be saying this!

  5. comboupdates.com

    Everything is a state of mind when you are born with a golden spoon in your mouth. Need I say more 🙂

      1. comboupdates.com

        Babalog hote hi isliye hai. Kaam nahi karenge, badi badi baaten karenge aur blame babu pe dalenge like in Durga’s case

    1. hahaha… I feel he is a little unlucky .. the media always makes a mockery and mess of his statements what he meant was taken in a wrong note ..
      I think he is the only right man in the entirely wrong party 🙂
      Thanks Jaseema I am glad you liked it !

        1. thats my feeling .. for him .. I am not pro Congress or a supporter of Rahul Gandhi in person .. 🙂 Jaseema 🙂 I feel that way 🙂 that he is right man .. but who knows friend .. this is politics .. people can go real bizarre than what they seem 🙂

  6. It just proves one thing: we are crazy to give him power to utter such nonsense. Throw out Congress out of the power forever. This will give other politicians a clue as to what they can say.

  7. The stench of the attempt to come up with such a definition of poverty, the worst curse of life and a stark reality to millions of Indians, is stifling. One has to be famished to know what poverty is.

  8. Pappu’s mind is always with his GF’s and hence such stupid statements.Its not
    necessary to be successful withGFsas well as with politics.He is totally unfit for

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