Pak soldiers enter Poonch and kill 5 Indian soldiers

Pakistani soldiers entered Indian territory in the Poonch area of Jammu and Kashmir and killed five Indian soldiers while a sixth soldier hid behind a bush and avoided the attack.
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    1. they are the ones who truly deserve to rest in peace . they who die fighting for the nations .. I hope I rest in peace …Being a human is bliss.. not all are given the opportunity .. still some are involved fighting in the name of land and in the name of God .. some are busy stuffing wealth and power at costs of lives .. and many are like us .. who console and move forward to the next day .. after all we have a great excuse – what can we do ? 🙁

      1. … but life is much more…. much more than just what I, you and all of us are doing….! When we have fulfilled our real goal,only then can we rest in peace…..!

        1. goal ? they differ dear friend , from person to person .. some want to become the best in business and some in service .. some want to make filth money.. some die hard to be a celeb .. some believe their religion is the best and die to teach lessons .. some believe my family my pappa my son my wife .. give them good life .. and that is it .. how many of us are thinking about the land which gives us a roof and food …??
          I think me is selfish ,mine is selfish , turn around any Godly book … it says the same … !! Pity is when freedom comes like Gandhi ji got us .. we all are busy defining different goals and letting land die .. of pollution .. population and selfish interests naming it anything !! If one love God .. he/she will respect the Land he/she belongs to first and foremost !! .. Life is nothing more than praise of God … praise of God is Love .. in Love .. and Love includes love for ones land the land which gives him/her the identity .. we all are escapists and can come up with n number of reasons .. but the fact is … freedom is being taken too lightly in India !!

    1. Who joins Indian army today ? The ones who dont have anything else to do (most of them – the jawans) /… be it any govt .. make it mandatory for each Indian to serve the nation for 5 years in army .. things will change .. people would be more responsible .. we would do things on our own and make these lethargic govts work !!
      We are all – Let it be Public of India and so is the Govt .. Media shows the family of dead .. for a week .. we console for 3 days .. govt gives medals and some money …. over !! there is another attack .. from some neighboring countries ….
      I remember those 6 years of NDA .. Pakistan got a great lesson and China could not dare …that is why above all odds .. I have started believing … we need leader.. a leader who can take a tough stand ..

      1. I did went for SSB Interview not one time but 3 times..they didn’t select me,Not able to Clear NDA,I was not selected in Army Rally because you know I didn’t have the enough Physical requirement..But did that matter as I have the thirst in me to serve this country…But woh kaun dekhega..Desh ke liye kuch bhi karne ka jazba,unki koi value nahi hai.. 🙁
        We can’t blame Outsiders..Jab India ke andar hi itne karname ho raha hai to baharwala chance to lega hi na.. 🙁

        1. Some are thinking a lot for the country and some are thinking a lot against the country and we are suffering most because of only one type- the Average Indians who just think about them and their families.. console and abuse the govt and what else do we do .. most of us .. ?? play the blame game .. easy targets are Govts .. do gaali do aur nikal lo .. we are the most selfish Indians .. worse than the ones who think against the country !!

  1. to be under the hammer for any reason is what they crave for .. i mean without any concrete reasons firing rounds is just invalid for many reasons .. i feel for our soldiers who constantly counter them and in process of saving that inch of border they sacrifice their life’s .. When will these riot i say again riot will end for the borders !! when will peace prevail …

    1. Aazi my brother .. war is awful and so is this cold meaningless war .. !! its been 65 years .. of rage .. who explain them .. stop fighting !!
      Kashmir has been divided into 3 parts … they wanted their own nation !! still .. in the name of Kashmir .. they are raging war .. not allowing their people to live peacefully not even living peacefully themselves and look at our country .. let the soldiers die we are busy .. stuffing wealth 🙁

      1. I pity that i am staying in a country where we do not have a concrete stand for patriotism … I wish we had another Gandhi like heart in our nation … who could do what it takes to stop the rages and free us from these petty issues .. ! Heart cries out man !!

        1. true !! whenever someone speaks Good and Love they push him down and show him as a selfish man !!
          Alas, there would never be a Gandhi again .. never ever .. 🙁 in India !!

  2. It doesn’t matter who were the killers (Indians/ Pakistanis/ Kashmiris). What matters is, who got killed.

  3. Pathetic and sad 🙁 sometimes i wonder why do they attack jawans and common people that results in nothing ….if they really want to do something big KILL all the corrupt politician together ….dat could really make some huge impact 😛 😛 😛

    1. hahahaahaha ..someone tell Hafiz Saeed to leave we commoners and jawans and if his army is on a killing spree better take names of politicians from us 😀

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