22 responses on “Officers have to be punished for mistakes- Akhilesh

  1. Harsha

    Looking at all this Drama..Pata nahi kyun dil mein Khayal aaya hi ki Main bhi IAS ki Preparation karoon…Phir agar ban gaya to unke hi Dance Steps pe Unhe hi Nachaunga.. 😛

  2. vvpvijay

    If the HAG and SAG cadre officers start following politicians ways of running the country then India will soon become another Ethiopia or some other banana republic in no time. The gigantic wheel of GOI runs on the shoulders of these officers and politicians dont like it

    1. My Say

      🙁 i feel bad for the honest people in India! These movies do not show anything wrong .. I wish honest officers were as powerful and heroic as one of those ‘Singhams’ or ‘Tejaswinis’ in the movies 🙁 Alas !!

    1. My Say

      true Jiggs!! Honesty costs too much in India.. and when leaders like Akhilesh speak this way.. it feels bad ..had this feeling he would clean the crap .. they have made enough money and now probably he would think of the state .. but .. greed dies never 🙁 i forgot !! Shame !!

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