0 thoughts on “After Telangana Demand for smaller states gets louder”

  1. I told you-See my Calculations..If Govt. accept all the demands there will be like 50 odd state..My Predictions… 🙁
    Shameful Indians we are,Still in the era of 21st don’t know the value of unity..

    1. comboupdates.com

      Actually I disagree with you Harsha having 50 states would be better. It is very unworldly to govern big states like we have today

      1. true in a way that is the logical reasoning for the break up and thats what the opportunist politicians will reason out as .. but .. Vijay ji .. have u seen the size of what Bodoland and Gorkhaland is going to be ? Sir they want it for money simple .. total control for lifetime !! better bargaining space with govts in Centre !! I dont think any such further break up is required bhai .. unless there is a logical reasoning given .. to it and politics becomes much more transparent .. after all its our hard earned money which they are stuffing up in their Swiss Banks !! We pay direct and indirect taxes and in return we get scams .. in return they do the dealing of nation … read this article and you will be shocked ..

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