After Shobhaa De Nitesh Rane slams Gujaratis in Mumbai

Narayan Rane’s son Nitesh Rane seems to be inspired by the regional parties of Maharashtra although they are in Congress, the secular party 😉 . He had previously attacked Shobhaa De’s satirical tweet and had said Shovaa De dare come and say Mumbai be a separate state than Maharashtra and she will not be left with any ‘shobha’ forever. And now he has a problem with Gujaratis of Mumbai who support Narendra Modi and the vegetarian societies they have. 😀 He asked ‘ Gujjus’ supporting Modi go back to Gujarat.  😀
Nitesh Rane’s controversial statements
They are all learning the regional politics 😀 . What will regional parties do now ? 😀
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25 thoughts on “After Shobhaa De Nitesh Rane slams Gujaratis in Mumbai”

  1. Jack abhi bahut log baaki hai jaise Mangloreans, Keralites, Andhraiites, Tamil, 2014 tak sab ke baare me kuch na kuch bolenge yeh log nahi to vote kaise milenge

  2. Now all these is leading to a Iraq,Egypt like situations in India…Recently Telangana separation intensified other states especially Assam..Just the Vote Bank policies of Political Parties is eating India Day by Day…

  3. When will these politicians really grow up ! catching on petty acts and trying to shot to fame with those sarcastic silly lines … it really doesn’t amuse many .. but then critics are also part of fame as they say .. its a win win situation for them … but its ruing the image of the party .. but whole gives a damn till the limelight is on !!

    1. this shows their narrow mindedness towards humanity as a whole.. problem arises in the world only when some is not ready to acknowledge others views.. nobody asks to agree but to accept the others may have different view is difficult for these people 🙁

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