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  1. Jack mere bhai Do din main Beemar kya ho gaya tere yeh Halat ho gaye…
    Koi nahi dost ab dono milke hamari doobti naiya ko par lagayenge(meri naiya bhi included).. 😛

  2. haha..as a future doc i can tell u that scan was uneccessary 😛 happens to everyone 🙂 its funny when people stop visiting your blog if you dont visit theirs..sometimes i dont like the selfishness of blogging world :/

    1. yes its true but then Vidhi thats how it is … take it or leave it choice is ours … here nobody is spared .. Out of Sight .. Out of Mind … Blogging World is simple -Tit for Tat 😀 and getting used to with it is the only way out 🙂

  3. Haha, funny, we all go through these phase. I in normal circumstances cant read more than 10 blogs a day.
    Off the topic, do you use any app of sort to keep track of the blogs you love?

    1. no i just have bookmarked few blogs .. bro .. they who dont care you vote them or not .. they love interactions only and for rest .. IndiBlogger jindabad .. well for me too .. votes matter as much conversations 🙂 😉

    1. thanks Neelam, I am overwhelmed ..with your compliment and I will surely follow the url 🙂 thank you so very much for sharing the link .. 🙂

  4. Haha..I’m glad someone else is suffering from this too..main akeli nahi hoon ! I’m finally back in India and enjoying it, hopefully will get a decent net connection soon and get to read your posts regularly again 🙂

    1. 🙂 ya its .. a phase … hopefully soon i will get over it 🙂 glad to know ur back in India 🙂 getting a decent internet connection is one hell of an ask here 😀

    1. hahahaa.. Saru 🙂 off late I have learnt art of learning faster hahahhhaa .. u r the first one to greet me when I joined IndiBlogger .. you hold special place,no matter, your such a kind heart 🙂 thanks for assuring me that this may come to me yet again even if I cross the phase this time hahahha
      I am glad you liked it 🙂 you made my day !

    1. yes ! when you scan a bloggers brain .. u find how hard he longs for being noticed and being voted and getting comments and how mad he goes when he is not able to read many blogs and knows the consequences are going to be fatal on his own blog hahhahahha .. u see its the fear factor which is visible in Scans 😀

  5. Lol….btw, I am really wondering up to what extent this is true? If I don’t read others’ blog for few days, would it be so terrible? And if it’s really terrible and my page hits go down, so what? Because anyway they weren’t genuine readers, were they? So what difference should it make, I wonder.

    1. hahaha .. its true .. no difference it makes .. Pankti 😀 .. but in a way it does .. to be honest .. by Gods grace I have loads of clicks through search engines .. but .. the point is .. unless one market his /her product .. will ever he/she be recognized ?
      examples are : Modi ji , Baba Ramdev Ji, Owaisi ji,Digvijay Ji, Pappu ji, Dhoni ji , SRK ji and the list is long ..
      even if you are good .. if people dont see your work ..they will consider someone else to be better 🙂 there are many many cartoonists who are lot better , I think, but they behave snobbish ..
      10 fake visitors will interest 1 genuine .. visitor .. and continue this for sometime .. one will have 1000 genuine visitors everyday .. 🙂

        1. no you are being yourself and I respect you for that .. 🙂 the point is .. something may be a hobby for one and the same thing may give someone else a few bread to eat 🙂 .. thats the difference .. the only difference .. when cricket is for passion .. you dont bother who claps on your century .. and when it becomes your career it matters how many people praised you for a match winning game 😀
          having said that .. I dont mean this is my bread earner but yes it is giving me money and now that I have been thrown out of job .. I am finding it great getting paid for something I love doing 🙂

    1. hehehehe.. people will stop recognizing me .. on Indi .. I will have to start all over again .. anyways .. I feel the same …with this post 🙂

  6. Awww I have been here, haven’t I? You are a cute cute stud 😀 😀 looks like the disease is over with your friends atleast!!
    And all the best for a speedy recovery 😉
    On a serious note; take a break from all the reading. You have loyal followers; they won’t run away. I am not going anywhere soon 🙂

    1. you always get the crux so easily 🙂 Sfurti 🙂 Thank you for being there .. I truly need a break I think 🙂 true friends will stay around 🙂

  7. Readers block is a side effect of writers block, and when you fail to find something inspiring enough to read further this happens. Doctor is right, no treatment for this because its your writers who should be treated, not you.

    1. I need to get out of this boat Bushra 😀 asap … I am losing you all as my readers .. if everyone does the writing who will do the reading 😀

  8. Yeh jack i have a bigger disease than u. I m suffering from internet block…dont feel like logging into it…forget blogging :p But gud to c u back…

    1. hehehe Dipti .. a block is a block .. and yours is forsure a deadlier one .. 😀
      Life is a speeding river and we are paddling a boat .. in any case life will take us where it wants to.. but its nice to paddle and feel we are controlling the boat entirely and at times leave it on the river .. realizing .. the fact that its the river which is guiding our direction and not our paddle 😀 it is a resting time for you and me .. no more paddling 😀

  9. Can you hear the entire community of bloggers roaring with laughter for soemthing that touches all of them? A brilliant one. Yet you have touched a raw nerve. In out attempt to gain promotion we often tend to be insincere without properly evaluating the posts of our fellow bloggers. You are fantastic and direct!

    1. Thank You Sir 🙂
      Someone had to Bell the Cat , I felt 😀 it is true that .. we become insincere as reading blogs beyond our capacity is the want of active self-promotion .. day to day and everyday .. 🙂
      You comments assure I am on right track 🙂

  10. ah, okay…this one was realy unique….i mean, as a writer, i have discovered that the best stories are ones which are borrowed from real lives….that holds true for u as well i guess…..remember that post on IPL betting that u had done and the one on Sanjay dutt being in jail….so, if you stop following the daily news, u will run out of ideas….so, that’s like a chain…how about a doodle on the royal baby George?

  11. Good one! From writers block to readers block and oops , I guess I have both now and now I know the reason of you not visiting my blog 😛

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