Shobhaa De's tweet angers Maharashtra parties

Shobhaa De,the renowned columnist tweeted – “Maharashtra and Mumbai??? Why not? Mumbai has always fancied itself as an independent entity, anyway. This game has countless possibilities.” after the Congress declared birth of Telangana as the 29th state. To anyone it will sound like a satirical comment but Maharashtra’s parties MNS and NCP took this to a different level just to make a news,it seems. Well!Not their fault.Even they need to keep in news. 😀
political cartoon,shobhaa de tweeter controversy,,ncp,mns cartoon,
political cartoon,shobhaa de tweeter controversy,,ncp,mns cartoon,

0 thoughts on “Shobhaa De's tweet angers Maharashtra parties”

  1. what Shobha de tweeted was satire, angst on the current situation of divided we live happily….. but expect politicians to understand these things, what you wrote and so beautifully projected in the cartoons is so true, anything to be in news.

    1. thanks Soma, I feel bad for the media at times for broadcasting and masala news and giving importance to these baseless criticism.People need attention .. and they hand pick commoners and celeb-commoners to make news out of nothing 🙁
      Cheap politics will continue till qualified young people participate in politics and for national interests

    1. thanks Sfurti !
      Media is a corporate body they never fail to remind .. giving importance to unwanted controversies and giving mileage to these regional strongmen ..I doubt we live in a country where some 70 years back a man was popular for non-violence

  2. Now we know whats going to be on indian news channels for next 1 week ..” Her tweet ”
    sad these political parties busy themselves up always with the wrong reasons.

    1. hahaha.. true that !! Now Shovaa De tweet means .. Breaking News for a week 😀 Media needs masala as much the small time regional parties 🙂

  3. The babus can’t stomach any kind of satire it seems. Expect them to react the only way they have known for years…violence! Absolutely love the second doodle! 🙂

    1. so young people like you believe so ? 🙁 hahaha kya hoga is desh ka .. mei ek nahi hu … army hai army .. mere peeche .. satire .. itne dino se daba ke rakha hai common aadmi ko .. sab jagenge .. ek saath jagenge .. waise bhi bhai mei Gandhi bhakt nahi hun .. 😀
      zaroorat paregi to politics mei bhi utrunga .. ye mera Desh bhi hai 🙂

      1. To utar jaa..Morcha nikalne ki deri hai bas..
        And I believe in this Country..And I am sure we will certainly make it beautiful then we have ever imagined…
        Wo kehte hai na mere dost “Jaha Chah hai Wohi Rah hai”..Aur yahan to Chah bhi hai aur Rah ki koi kami nahi hai.. 🙂

  4. This reminds me of a case wherein two college-girls were arrested when they put a FB status giving their opinion on the Mumbai bandh. I think it was following Bal Thackery’s death. Not sure though. Anyway, apt doodle 🙂

    1. thats where one gets to know .. “hamam mei sab nange hain”.. after all every party has avoided being covered under RTI 😀 including the BJP who are wanting to win 2014 and Congress who introduced the Act and pats its own shoulders always .. although you cannot ask RTI what is the source of income of “Sania ji ” 😀

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