Rahul Gandhi sets up Media Management Guidelines for party spokespersons

Keeping in mind The General Elections ahead Rahul Gandhi the Congress Vice President has asked party spokespersons to refrain from making personal attacks on Narendra Modi and instead question is Gujarat Development Model. Special spokespersons would be appointed to handle questions related to Modi 😀 and they would have to seek prior permissions before attending any media chat shows 😀 .
No matter , Modi wins or not , one thing cannot be denied he has given sleepless nights to Congress which will continue till the GE 2014 Election results are out !
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0 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi sets up Media Management Guidelines for party spokespersons”

  1. Party Leaders to Bahana hai..Guidelines apne liye hi banaye hai..Rahul Baba to ek nanha jaan hai..Modi a samne agar kuch ulta bol diya to Sonia amma bhi nahi bacha payenge..

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