Month: August 2013

No Sharing Biryani!

After , Lashkar-e-Taiba ,bomb maker , Abdul Karim Tunda , India has managed to get hold of Indian Mujahideen alleged co-founder,Yasin Bhatkal.As Kasab was being served biryani before execution.We can expect our administrators giving equal love to Tunda and Bhatkal aswell. 😀   HINDI Cartoon  

Baba Meditating

Some scandalous religious gurus have forced us to doubt almost all spiritual and religious gurus around.Its sad that they themselves get busy enjoying materialistic happiness of life.Some are alleged to have minted crores of rupees and some in sexual allegations. The moment they caught they portray to be framed. Its astonishing that they who preach …

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Food Security Bill

Cheap food or Employment Opportunities what will make a nation stronger ? Co-Blogger friends – Pritam and Chinks rightly mentioned in my previous toon post on the Food Security Bill that instead of providing Employment and Industrial opportunities to make the nation self-dependent .. availability of Cheap Food Grain is rather making India dependent on Governments and …

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