Government moves to keep political parties off RTI Act

Amendments have been moved to the RTI Act to relieve political parties from being obliged to share details of their funding or how they choose their candidates.Β the Central Information Commission Β which ensures the RTI Act is implemented and public queries are answered by government departments, ruled that the six major national parties including the Congress and BJP are public authorities and must respond to RTI applications and in return,Β parties had argued that they are monitored and accountable for funding and other issues to the Election Commission hence should be exempted from RTI Act .
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16 thoughts on “Government moves to keep political parties off RTI Act”

    1. they remain lot more in unity than commoners .. if you remember how the entire parliament had attacked Anna and Team on lokpal and succeeded to bring his movement down

  1. hum sab sath sath hai apke samne law bana rahe v r elected by peoples but not fall under the law made for aam people v r different ,if v will let u knows aur secret then the charm nd power of politics will ruin and biggest opposition party bjp merge with biggest corrupted party sad
    Its sameful
    Its unbearable

    1. friend.. i feel there is no biggest or smallest .. regional parties and national level parties all are equally corrupt and that is why they are avoiding coming under the radar of RTI Act

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