Congress disrespecting poor-Mayawati

Former UP chief minister , Mayawati , criticized Congress and its leaders for commenting on meals available for Rs 5 and Rs 12 and stated their comments indicate how far are they from ground realities. Mayawati ji is the same CM of UP who spent crores and crores of money on erecting statues of elephants (her party symbol) making parks of Dalit Leaders of past and astonishingly she got her statue done as well. 😀 Think poor people can live without meals but not without the statues of their beloved leaders . 😀 😀 😀 Does the Congress know that??? 😀
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  1. Now I guess I will ask Mayawati to erect my Statue as well.. 😛
    Poor People we are..Humse hi TAX lete hai aur humhi ko chuna lagate hai..

    1. hahahaha Chuna Kathha supari sab 😀 .. I will finance your statue if I start earning ..and that will be beside Mayawati 😀 😀 😀 – eligible bachelor bolke 😀 😀 😀

      1. Whatever I said in the above list they are giving it Free of Cost (for government) They can create one employment per home if they want to do, rather free stuffs.. what to do you and I are not the PM and CM… 🙁 Study study.. more drama here…

        1. true that .. rather than food .. give employment .. if this freedom 65 years back was achieved.. by the entire nation and not few lac Gandhi supporters .. we would not have taken things so lightly .. people are more inclined towards the freebies rather than asking govts to give jobs .. and let them buy what they wish to

          1. Ya.. Employment keeps the self esteem of the people high that they are paid for their works and they are no more a dependent on the govt subsidies. Govt. can get in Agriculture sector (say Govt+Farmer) partner with people and work towards progress, share profit. Same in other high employable sectors like IT. We need more Govt. ventures, thus people’s growth becomes government’s growth.. If an inter-dependency created, it will be tough to break, Now we are depended on government.
            But this will exploit the process how they run the govt, administrative works of the govt. so open to the public. Then they cant do any scam and make money for their parties or personal accounts. so they are reluctant for such plans.
            Even US could not do it still… In my opinion their citizens are much socially aware than any other citizens of any other country. Now compare. Where we stand. Long way to go..

  2. Congress is not interesting in building anything. 🙂
    They only name/rename stuff that others build. 😀 Airports, shipyards, flyovers (India is probably the only country that name flyovers after dead leaders!) and ring roads. 😀

    1. I think politicians are so insecure about fading out in an election or two that they try being in notice via names .. Gandhi dynasty has been best at it .. in fact most of the self-proclaimed Secular parties .. are scared of the growing literacy level .. hence if not by good deeds they be remembered for a flyover and airport in their name 😀 or their forefathers if they were the only ones who got India Independence 😀

      1. If you listen to the way the Nehrus (Currently, Gandhis) talk about their family, you’d be surprised! 😛
        They can’t keep people in the dark for too long. 😛

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