Lalu Yadav performs 2 hour tantra puja

The former Chief Minister of Bihar , Lalu Prasad Yadav  performed  a two-hour-long ‘tantra’ puja at the Pagla Baba Ashram near Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. Current CM , Nitish Kumar , was smelling conspiracy in Mid-Day Meal tragedy which killed 23 kids due to contaminated food at school. Any connections ? 😀  Interestingly,this tantra puja has been performed after the Supreme Court agreed to transfer the multi-crore fodder scam case to another judge, offering a greater relief to Lalu Yadav , as he is the prime accused in the scam. The judge who was currently handling his case is a relative of a minister in the Nitish Kumar and hence it was argued that decisions may be partial.
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22 thoughts on “Lalu Yadav performs 2 hour tantra puja

  1. बंसल ने भी बकरे की पूजा की थी अगले दिन उसका कल्याण हो गया था । लालू के साथ तो वैसे भी जानवरो की दुआऐ हैं उनका चारा जो खाया है

  2. What a funny way to depict the messed-up-ness of our Indian politicians 🙂 Good work again Jack! Oh no,Nitesh 🙂

  3. Nice one Jack hope the Gods will listen to him and spare the childrens lives given the high level of corruption in midday meal scheme

    1. thank you Indrani very much 🙂
      common man I think is the biggest culprit allowing some among itself to become God of corruption .. what say ?

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