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  1. Oh dear Nitesh What a beautiful way to Convey the low morality of Humans..I guess every humans is similar in looks having two eyes,ears,one Nose etc but still we react like Aliens with each other…Differentiating ourself from others on some basis which is so just meaningless…I guess we are is 21st Century-A Century of Low Morals and No Humanity.. 🙁

    1. i am glad you got the exact message bro ! humanity is perishing .. although we are all human beings .. we still love categorizing ourselves into different castes , colour , nations and religions ! 🙁

      1. The Whole Country is divided..No matter how much we try to make this make Misconceptions go away somehow they still manage to stuck with us… 🙁

  2. हम एलियन ही हैं उनके लिये इसीलिये कभी वो हमें कैटल क्लास कहते हैं तो कभी गरीबो का मजाक उडाते हैं ।
    बलात्कार की घटनाओ पर उनके बयान और राजनीति को देखकर मन करता है कि कभी किसी कांग्रेसी नेता की बेटी के साथ बलात्कार हो तो तब पता चलेगा कि लडकियो को क्या करना चाहिये और क्या नही की सलाह कैसे दी जाती है
    संसद की कैंटीन में साढे तीन लाख रूपये महीना की सब्सिडी मिलती है तब जाकर वो 5 रूपये में भरपेट खाना खाते हैं और सब्सिडी किसके पैसे पर मिलती है? जिनका वो मजाक उडाते हैं

  3. LOL Jack you stayed up all night and I am sure you met one. Whether or not the aliens think of us as aliens is a difficult one but you sure look like an alien with all that not so normal hair of yours and etal to me 🙂

  4. Ohmy! This is a real eye opener! So short so apt-ofcourse, that’s your signature style! ^_^> Kudos to you both the non-humans in the doodle! 🙂

  5. Such a strong message in a little doodle! I can’t believe that Human beings whom God has created for the sake of love are turning out to be so selfish and alien-like! Your work is better than a 1000 words Nitesh 🙂 Keep them coming!!

    1. hahahahaha.. let it be .. dont call yourself stupid .. MF Hussain’s paintings were not all understood by him or his fans .. he used to draw and peole used to interpret and buyers who considered his paintings used to buy …the title of the post should have been- Viewers interpretation is Highly recommended 😀
      to me its a simple toon which makes fun of the word Alien – to us people from other planets are alien … and when we go to some planet .. we see some living beings we will exclaim aliens .. and for the local being of that planet .. we would be aliens .. so its just a reaction … 😀

        1. Mentos khao .. Akal ka Akaal mitaao .. mei bhi wohi karta hu .. 😀 😀 jis din ye wala banaya tha us din Mentos khana bhool gaya tha 😀 😀 result is .. you can see 😀

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