Re 1 enough to fill stomach-Farooq Abdullah

After Congress  leader Rasheed Masood claimed that it is possible for a person to buy a meal for Rs 5  in Delhi and that even he spends less than 5 bucks for his meals, spokesperson Raj Babbar claimed proper meal in Mumbai for Rs 12.Now  its the Union Minister Farooq Abdullah who said one can have a full meal for just Re 1 if desired depends on what he wants to eat.
With the politicians giving such statements,it is the poor Stand-Up Comedians who are bound to loose TRP of their comedy shows as our politicians seem to be cracking great jokes.  😀  Sorry Kapil ( not Sibal ji and not Dev ji) enhance thy art . Our politicians are doing better. 😀
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farooq abdullah cartoon,raj babbar cartoon,meal for rs 12, meal for 1 rupee,poverty line,political cartoons,

0 thoughts on “Re 1 enough to fill stomach-Farooq Abdullah”

  1. I Guess For Re.1 he buy a Chewing Gum or to Minto Fresh and Chew it all day long..
    BTW bolte hai na Minto Fresh Khao Dimag ki Batti Jalao..I guess they Eat Minto Fresh only phir Scam karne ka Idea aata hai dimaag pe… 😛
    Good For Nothing these Politicians are

    1. hahahha 😀 hosakta hai tumhara idea bohot hi accha tha 😀
      hahha ek rupiye mei dimaag ki batti jalao 😀 bhook lage to Mentos Khao !! 😀

  2. Oh my! He needs to first list out what is available in India for Re.1…. This is posing a tough competition to the airtel’s Re.1 Youtube Ads.

    1. hahhaaha true that .. Re 1 .. mei kya kya milta hai ? hahaha.. what these people talk never makes sense and then they hate people not taking them seriously 😀

    1. hahaha.. that coin is non existent .. throughout India I suppose .. only works in Bengal 😀
      BTW .. Babbar saab is regretting his 12 rupee wala statement 😀 mummi nei danta hoga 😀 aur pappu nei bhi !! 😀

  3. The Planning Comission estimated the poverty line at Rs 816 per month in rural & Rs 1000 in urban areas. If the netas think that one can have a meal for Re 1 then next year I guess the poverty line will be reduced to Rs 90 per month…
    Wow !! India will have no poor people soon !!

  4. None of our politicians work for people’s benefits but rather they just wanna outdo each other with their lame thinking.Probably a fight to prove who is the lamest !

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