Ban Modi's Hindu Nationalist poster SP complains EC

The Samajwadi Party has demanded Election Commission to ban BJP’s poster mentioning Modi’s statement in public – “I am a Hindu Nationalist” .About 50 posters showing Modi’s statement in public-“I am a Hindu Nationalist” has been displayed in Mumbai.Abu Azmi senior leader of SP has asked EC to ban these posters and has mentioned his reasons out there in his letter.
Well,nothing much to say – Wish to know what is wrong with being a Hindu Nationalist ?? Big Deal! I am no hardcore NaMo fan but come on .. ain’t this too much? If Β this statement is being non-secular then better Indians be asked not to follow any God in the land and no caste,no state, no other language other than Hindi . That would be ONE !! The secular! Β Only then this statement of Modi would have sounded falling out of place.
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  1. Whatever..All this is making Modi Popular and I guess BJP and Modi is happy with that….. Maybe it’s their masterplan who knows..these politicians are anyway in gutter aur Gandegi phelana inka kaam aur hum log burbak ki tarah us gandegi mein nahatay hai..

    1. hahahaha .. yes the shadows scare .. the man scare .. if the shadow with the man comes to power .. they will dig burrows and hide inside πŸ™‚

  2. To assert the religion you represent is not a sin. It is sinful to play with the emotions of the people of the country irrespective of religions. We need not be swayed by the religious faith of a person of national stature. What we need to see is his commitment to the interests of each of the countrymen with a common national identity.

    1. I absolutely stand by you in this.. no matter how secular we are .. at present its only one leader who we can look upon .. rest are all worthless .. either big talks .. or not even talks ..
      The man is the need of the moment!

  3. Even though I didn’t agree with Modi’s statement, other political parties are making a mountain out of mole hill simply because they are scared of Modi πŸ˜€

    1. Yes .. he is an attention grabber .. media ,opposition , cartoonists , fans, angry minorities … Americans .. even few living beings from Mars … πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      He knows how to play with media .. he is a man with brains and vision … he makes people run after him and what he does .. is all and always planned .. I truly believe.. It is a win win situation for him .. he is not going to loose anything if he cannot make it to the PM’s post .. He is already king of a state ..
      But for UPA .. its a do or die situation !! πŸ™‚

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