31 responses on “Poverty Line falls to 22% -Congratulations !

    1. My Say

      true Saru ! how raha Bharat Nirman is all on papers .. like India Shinning !! The reality is poor who were going poorer are now starving to death 🙁 !

  1. Bushra

    Your doodle is a real eye opener! While the world thinks that it’s the Govt that has done something to bring down the poverty level, the hidden truth is that they all died out of hunger, hence the reduction 🙁 God bless India and every other country and the millions of poor and troubled who reside in them! *Aameen!*

    1. My Say

      I dont think Vijay Ji this is any achievement .. figures are figures .. the formula of deriving to this is baseless.. where the World Bank says 2 USD is the basic line of existence .. in any country ..everyday above 50% of the nation falls short of that daily earning !!

      1. Harsha

        Indeed you are right..I wonder how do they Calculate–2% in recent times is around 118-120 INR and I guess Indian Govt declares them BPL whose daily earnings is below 40 INR and them how come Poverty is decreasing..

        1. My Say

          formulas do not feed us !! any govt needs to know this .. aint it ??
          no matter what mathematical conclusion defines ho raha Bharat Nirman or Indian Shinning ..the reality is much different .. and we are also responsible to a great extent for this disaster , i feel !

          1. Harsha

            Yes we are responsible more than the Govt is..I feel Bharat Nirman tabhi hoga when Indian Citizens will become more responsible towards the society and once we are responsible the System will follow automatically..

  2. sharu4ever

    I don’t know whom to blame here? Does the media really think, people will rejoice assuming that there is some supernatural growth spur in the nation? Does the govt. think we’re so naive? We know the state of our country and the way it has been going down-hill in terms of values..Prayers to the harsh deaths of hunger. Rude awakening it is!

    1. My Say

      in totality .. I feel .. till a nation is self-dependent to feed every single person in its land.. till there is cemented roof .. on a family’s head .. & till every individual has work to meet his basic needs like medication .. a country should not boost upon any achievement .. India could have done it 2 decades back .. had the governance been flawless.. we are to be blamed for the country’s disaster.. we Indians need to stop being hypocrite !

  3. Shivani

    Yeah like someone had said some day that there are 3 kinds of lies…lies, damned lies and statistics…and it seems statistics are truly some sort of wish fulfilment at least for some.
    Very creative in portraying the state of affairs. Although i do admire ur creativity…I kind of feel dumb…numb to add anything original that could do better…than urs of course.

    1. My Say

      I somehow feel like asking .. what is the real meaning of an economist ? the one who can do something to improve the economy of the land or improve it somehow on papers only , Shivani !
      Glad it connected !

  4. Soma Mukherjee

    poverty lines have gone down truly, all those poor people from last year are dead and those who are not, our manniya mantrigan are hell bent on sending them to heaven asap
    give this sarkaaar two more years and only the rich will be alive, of course by then the rich will be middle class but still….

    1. My Say

      thankfully we have less than an year left .. but then 2014 may bring more trouble .. if stands a 3rd front yet again with mr Patanaik,mr Mulayam Singh mr Nitish Kumar and ‘amader’ Didi decide to run the givt for 5 years .. I am sure Mulayam will opt to rule first .. who knows Sarkar chale na chale ..
      NaMo is a distant dream .. which if happens will have statistics in place ..
      till then . lets see what will happen to the middle class 🙂
      Thanks a ton for expressing your views .. on this space 🙂

  5. Rekha

    With lack of food, clothing, shelter, education and safety coupled with the ever increasing prices of basic commodities and the number of suicides, the poverty line would have definitely fallen.

    1. My Say

      the best part is the credit of all this will go to the economists administering the nation and the Planning Commissions which comes with jokes like people earning 37 bucks in urban India are above poverty 🙁 while the world bank has a bench mark of 2 USD for any country

    1. My Say

      hahaha true that !!
      no issues JAS I make toons to share and enjoy .. just should not go viral and get me in trouble for being an Indian in Pain and trying to express.. Commoners are easiest targets and not all can be Shahid Bhagat Singh in 2013 🙂 Glad you could relate 🙂

  6. manuprakashtyagi

    धन्यवाद मुझे भी अमीरो की सूची में रखने के लिये ।

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