Type Of Co-Bloggers who seldom respond to your posts :)

Type Of IndiBloggers is a previous post of mine about how we bloggers respond to each other .  This post is an analysis of why some bloggers seldom respond to our posts no matter how much we appreciate their posts and express our liking  to actually make our presence felt. 😀  ( you know, the scratching each other’s back,game 😀 )

There are some ‘Attention Seeker Bloggers’ like myself  who get depressed and try to analyse what may be the reason of few co-bloggers never responding to our posts.Well,I’m not alone  😉 .The idea of the post came from a conversation with a co-blogger who raised the same issue. He wishes to remain anonymous on this post. 😀

*Disclaimer: this is purely for fun and making you all my dearest readers and  co-bloggers smile.Assuming yourself as any of the types is your personal choice. The author shall not be held responsible for your assumptions 😀


Following are the types :indiblogger,co-blogger,mysay.in,cartoons

204 responses on “Type Of Co-Bloggers who seldom respond to your posts :)

  1. Bushra

    OMG! Ha ha ha! This is crazy man! Really loved it! 😀 A great way to start a day! Thanks Jackie 🙂
    BTW: That “dumb blogger” label just made me fall of my chair! 😀

    1. My Say

      hahaha.. thank you Bushra .. I am glad you liked it ..the Good Omen 🙂
      hahaha.. of late I did realize .. there are some things which I do not understand at all .. hence I cant do anything beyond voting .. self experience you see 😀 I have a Dumb Blogger Inside me 😀

        1. My Say

          trust my limited literacy !! I am .. for people who write .. English for Intellectual Brit readers. I am American English type man.. with a blend of Desi English .. the way we say in Desi English – You are sure you will come NA? Arrey Baba . I am tell you .. I am coming TO dont shout NA.. !! 😉

    1. My Say

      it should .. let people wake up and analyse .. including me .. hahaha .. after all I am not only an attention seeker blogger but a dumb and tit for tat blogger too 😀 😀 😉

    1. My Say

      hahaha… there is no doubt that you are intellectual and very resolved individual and compassionate too and for me , Vijay Ji , you are not in the list .. because you seldom do not express views .. and that keeps me motivated … at least I have few people including you who are always around .. I am blessed to have a reader like you !

    1. My Say

      yes Doc .. this indeed is to remind .. to be a quality blogger we need to give quality posts and to be a quality co-blogger we need to promote .. others quality contents too by criticizing .. appreciating or commenting good or bad.. simply !
      You got the message – Thanks Doc a ton !! 🙂

  2. Rekha

    Ha Ha Ha… 😀
    I must admit I am the 9-5 employed co-blogger. 🙂 I often think of people who vote for my posts on Indiblogger. I end up submitting my post and signing out, without spending much time on the website. This post surely awakened my guilt conscious.
    Really good one. 🙂

    1. My Say

      hahaha.. we are all hidden within these categories 😀 as I confessed for me I am an attention seeker blogger who is dumb for few highly intellectual writings 😀 and tit-for-tat blogger for a few who never respond .. even though I keep voting and expressing my views on their posts 😀 but even after tit for tat when I see the other blogger is botherless .. I again start reading and commenting .. shamelessly .. after all he/she who writes good .. cannot be declined for long 😀

  3. Harsha

    Oh my Jack Brother tune mere muh ki baat bol di..Lekin ab kya kare dusro ki Darwaza khatkhatake mere to haath dard karne lage…lekin is nanhi se jaan ko koi puchta bhi nahi… 😛
    Tension na le Dost Hum Saath Saath Hai… 🙂

    1. My Say

      hahahaha tubhi to mere jaisa Attention Seeker hai na .. hahaha jaanta hu mere bhai apne dil pe kya guzarti hai isliye tere dil ki baat maine keh daali baaki doston se 😀 😀 😀

      haan bhai at least hum saath rehte hain .. Vijay Ji ko bhi include karle 😀 😀

    1. My Say

      let me know when you plan to write Pankti … I wish to be the first one to respond via comments and votes .. aakhir mei attention seeker blogger hu … 😀

      1. Pankti Mehta

        Lol…unfortunately, you haven’t defined my category..the moody ones who sits down once every week(s) to read other blogs rather than daily 🙂 What’s the name for my category?

        1. My Say

          Monsoon Co-Blogger but I intentionally did not include this category because many would escape calling themselves moody 😀 .. with you , its a real and known fact .. you wake up one fine day .. and decide you need to read .. 😀 I pray for the day when my posts get showered by your comments

  4. sangeeta

    ha ahah!! I thought this post was meant for me…I am so like that ‘9-5 co-blogger’ with a job, a baby, husband, in-laws AND a blog as well (no dog yet)! But I am a subscriber to your blog and I always visit it, you know 🙂

    1. My Say

      hahahaha.. never do I make humour targeted on individual unless he/she is a celeb ..
      till you become one .. you are spared hahahaha
      This is just a post to make attention seeking bloggers like me understand .. what may be the reason some people do not vote or comment and accept and move on .. with the ones who do .. 😀

  5. Aziz Ampanwala

    How well have you depicted the situation of a Core blogger …. hahaha … i read it 2 to 3 times … and every time i could sense the humor you have put in it !!! very well crafted and thought of doodle !!

    1. My Say

      Thanks Aazi ! As I say you are now the Super Intellectual Class for me .. getting appreciations from you means .. I have done good forsure !! 🙂 hehehe
      Jokes apart , I am glad it connected .. its always a pleasure being complimented by you 🙂

    1. My Say

      thanks a ton Dips !! I fall .. in other two categories other than being an active attention seeker – dumb for few bloggers and tit for tat for few as well .. selfish me 😀 😀 😀

    1. My Say

      I think .. we belong to the hard working class of bloggers .. the attention seekers who read others promote them comment on their posts .. express views and in return we get lot lesser love … its an awaz on behalf of all the attention seeking bloggers – Arey bhai hume bhi to dekho !! hahhaha 🙂

        1. My Say

          Its good to be the attention seeker and why not else we have confined our work in personal diaries .. and I feel its equally important that we entertain fellow bloggers and respond to their work .. after all .. we are alike trying to make our presence felt with our work … 🙂
          I am glad you appreciate my logic 🙂 Thanks friend!

    1. My Say

      hahaha.. i know some are serious .. leave me alone kind of bloggers they may scold you for commenting 😀 and voting too 😀
      you may get a mail from such blogger – “why do you read my posts everyday?”

  6. Jiggyasa

    very humorously created doodle…seriously very funny…I hope I dont belong to any category jackie 🙁 :(…9-5 may be..what do u say 😀 😀

    its been a while on indiblogger now..and we know most co-bloggers around…infact we understand how each one will react on a new post…so altogether it was a fun read and totally..totally relatable 🙂

    1. My Say

      thanks Jigs !! Indeed for those who are even 2 months old we know we are to each other 🙂 for me you are surely the 9-5 one and I respect bloggers falling in this category all the more because they still squeeze out time to respond to fellow bloggers .. it aint easy !!
      I am glad you could relate 🙂 serves its purpose 🙂

  7. InnerDialect

    ‘ leave me alone bloggers’ ……….. :))))))))))))) oh I love comments too,,,, dont we all… what I cannot handle, is the artist type who will love that I feature them but never appreciate another artist… baffles me.

    1. My Say

      hahaha .. you mean the Highly Intellectual Class .. dont you ? hahaha so what if its self-proclaimed 🙂

      you aint leave me alone kinds .. but I may confess you are selective and thats fine .. till the time I am in that selective group of yours 😀 , what a self centered blogger I am !! hahahaha

    1. My Say

      yes Vaisakh !! we all have similar thoughts behind .. I dared to put in public .. hope not I am secluded for daring to confess .. hahaha 🙂 thanks for sharing your views bro 🙂

    1. My Say

      Sorry I am! missed your comments since long .. Ghazala 🙂 But now I assure not to lose a fabulous co-blogger 🙂 I am thankful to the post .. 🙂
      Well.. yes feels good .. with co-bloggers responding back .. and all the more when old friends are back 🙂
      Thank You again !!

  8. numerounity

    Awesomesauce! I believe all bloggers seek attention in some way and that is why we publish rather than making diary entires…lolz…kidding…good to invite attention, bad to overdo. But ur picture is sooo perfect, how do you get such ideas? I do have thoughts but I often struggle to translate them and see you did just an amazing job! 3 cheers!


    1. My Say

      oops ! I had left a long reply .. it vanished ?? well anyways, dear Ekta .. I totally agree that had we been not seeking attention we would have wrote personal diaries and not posted our writings on blogging community sites 🙂 Thats an honest confession ..
      I am glad you liked my efforts and I am thankful for your compliments .Its always great to hear from you 🙂

  9. Easwar Arumugam

    Ha ha ha, That’s the nice depiction of the mind-set of some of the bloggers here. While they excitedly push their own stuff, they find it infra dig to read other’s blogs and vote for them.May be, those, something is wrong with their psyche, frogs always like to live in their own wells. Three cheers to those swell-heads.

    1. My Say

      hahaha Brendan my brother … pray Almighty you never be as free as I am after my job left me .. 😀 … and I have enough time to think analyse and classify and do what not 😀

  10. Ragini Puri

    Absolutely loved reading this one! 🙂 And feeling guilty too 🙁 Probably I am the other kind – too lazy to comment blogger. Though I understand how important encouragement – vote/comment or both is to us all. Will try and be more forthcoming with appreciation henceforth. 🙂

    1. My Say

      🙂 😀 see .. you came up with a new type altogether ..for yourself .. had I put this .. I know most of us would have preferred taking shelter in this type 😀 😀
      Important is if I was able to make you smile .. thats all .. my biggest message of all my posts are -no message !!
      hahaha ! your comment made me feel guilty about the post ! 🙂 Thank you so very much for dropping by and expressing your views .. I love confessing .. I love people alike .. 🙂

  11. Raghav

    I have a new one for you… “I have to scroll down 80 odd comments to comment on your blog and that’s why I don’t” 😉 in all honesty I think my case is a mixture of all of the above 😉

    1. My Say

      hahaha Raghav .. my dear friend .. we are all a type and a blend of them .. never mind which type you are … my aim remains one – one should enjoy if he/she has taken the pain to come all the way to my space .. I will feel happy in case you liked this 🙂

    1. My Say

      hahahaaha .. but I am the attention seeking blogger .. I will keep knocking 😀 thanks for dropping by brother .. loved your confession !! Super Like 😀

  12. sugandha118

    Awesome…outright hillarious…can I say I dont comment at times because the list of comments is too long already 😉 but since I keep doing both as long as I get chance to read I am the one who is the attention seeking blogger too.

    1. My Say

      hahaha shake hands … for being the attention seeking one .. and regarding not being able to respond as you need to scroll down a lot .. I will surely come up with a solution soon .. I cant afford to loose a potential co-blogger friend’s comment ..because of my own comments 😀 .. BTW .. confession is nothing but faith in spiritualism .. hehehe .. u are being spiritual when you confess 🙂

  13. jahidakhtar

    Haha Nice one 🙂 just now realized that even I’m also a ‘Attention Seeker Bloggers’ and get depressed, but don’t try to analyse what may be the reason of few co-bloggers never responding to our posts 🙂 🙂

    1. My Say

      now bhai you dont need to waste time analyzing.. and now that we fall into the same group .. lets plan out cracking the toughest nuts 🙂 what say bhai ? 😉

    1. My Say

      you attacked me directly ? hahaha this is what you call real brave lady .. you embarrassed me completely but I am shameless of a sort .. I am all smiles .. after all I sell craps too 😀 😀 😀

      1. jinksanthra

        I’m not talking about you dear :)…some bloggers are such! No names please 😛 You are one talented person and u deserve these comments and votes…ab khudki taarif hi sunni thi to pehla batate 😛

        1. My Say

          hahaha idea to woh hi tha tumne pol khol ke rakh di 😀 😀 hahhaha.. i know what you talking about ? those snobbish self proclaimed biggys .. jinke liye humare jaise blogs ka koi .. level hi nahi .. haan mere dost hain kuch aise bhi .. 🙂 Yes no names please !! hehehe

    1. My Say

      sir , I skipped few categories .. like the one you mentioned .. just to avoid all blogger friends sheilding behind the category .. hahaha ” You see .. it depends on my mood .. take it or leave it ” kinds hahaha
      I am glad you liked the classifications sir 🙂 Thank you for expressing your views !!

  14. Ghumakkar Punit

    Do I need to have My Say? 😛
    Well, there are mostly NoCommentsYesVote Indibloggers, I find myself as “you ‘can’ visit my and I ‘may’ visit your post ” type Blogger….but yes irrespective of Votes, I do try to leave a comment (more than, nice post/good work type cliche) if feel like… 🙂

    1. My Say

      hehehe Punit ji whatever your type is .. for me you are’ my new friend’ type and youre comments do make my day 🙂 and the snaps you are posting these days .. marvelous !! 🙂

    1. My Say

      hain tayi bhabhchilam .. kothaye hotaat tui vanish !! 🙂 hehe Thanks bro !! I am glad you liked it ..its great to get you back bro 🙂 thank you again !!

  15. maverickkajal

    You have proved again that you are a genius with the unmistakable sense of humour though not without reality. Comments add fuel to the creative passion of a blogger and a fellow blogger should understand this. We need to be vibrant in the midst of our collective interaction.

    1. My Say

      thank you sir !
      I feel blog is to interact .. its a discussion table else why do we have the comment box activated ? hehehe..
      Comments make us feel we are being heard 🙂 Indi Votes look like formalities 😀

  16. sharu4ever

    U forgot one category. ‘New blogger” trying to say “Psst! I commented on your blog, check mine too …I exist” 😛 And that would be my clan 😀
    Nice one!! 🙂

    1. My Say

      join hands for new categories .. hehhe good you dropped by .. I got one more blogger to haunt everyday .. 😀 i hope u post everyday 😀 thanks dear new friend and blogger find me around !!

        1. My Say

          BTW .. practice drawing again ?? oh no .. as it is I draw horrible if you start drawing .. as you mentioned in you desire list .. I will lose my readers !! 🙁 hehehe !!
          Arey come one .. I am a guy next door .. yes the blogging arena is big and legends are all there .. but I am just another nut in the fruit cake .. not the cherry topping 😀 😀 😀 .. welcome dear friend .. but make sure you praise my filthy looking drawings 😀

    1. My Say

      thanks Swati .. that was the sole moto of the post !! Smiles on the faces of my blogger friends .. those who consider me one and also those who dont 😀

    1. My Say

      Oh !! not an issue .. you can call me MySay as well 😀
      I think .. people could relate Sayantini and that is the reason I have fewer votes on IndiBlogger for the post 😀 😀 😀
      well anyways part and parcel of the game 🙂 I am glad you expressed your views 🙂 Thanks dear !!

    1. My Say

      thanks Arun .. actually we all are impossible bloggers for some or the other blogger .. I feel 😀 .. I take this opportunity to say sorry to those who find me a hard nut to crack … but I doubt .. if someone gives me 1 vote I make sure he gets 3 votes and 3 comments in return !! 😀 nice deal aint it ???

    1. My Say

      Neo I am trying to improve my content aswell .. everyday !! 🙂 still..
      It is also true that because of contents people entirely ignore you 😀 … mine is the biggest example .. all learned people precisely boycotted me 😀

      thanks a ton for dropping by my brother … I am more than glad my work brought smiles on your face 🙂 and thats what I work for. Hope to see you around and hope to make you laugh as well 🙂

    1. My Say

      its nice to embarrass you and myself as well .. hahahhaa !! there is nothing to be embarrassed my brother .. just enjoy the post .. smile and let go 🙂

      1. Propel Steps

        Hey its me, from the official account.. did not noticed that.. anyways that was a cool one 🙂

        Count my name in. Tomorrow you may come with other cartoon to tease us, otherwise 😛


          1. Biyago

            also do subscribe to my comments, so that we can communicate and discuss the issue… I really like your behaviour of subscribing comments from different blogs and discussing the issue…. (y)….learning a lot from you…. 😀

  17. chinks

    Every blogger is an attention seeker I guess. A dumb blogger may be a highly intellectual one for someone else and vice versa.
    What say my say? Wow I am poetic in my comments too;)

    1. My Say

      hahaha !! Dear friend it is very true .. categorization is never absolute .. perceptions differ .. the dumb blogger is a dumb blogger .. like I am one .. if your write English like Atal Bihari Vajpayee speaks Hindi .. all those dictionary packed words .. I stand clueless and dumb .. the Intellectual one is a different category I have already mentioned .. for him .. whatever your post is .. he will give only one reaction-NEEDS TO IMPROVE 😀 by never ever commenting on your work 😀
      yes a dumb reader need not be dumb in everything he might be an intellectual of some other topic forsure .. but some are big time dumbos and he is the one who is writing all this 😀

      1. chinks

        C’mon you are being too modest here. Your doodles are great and innovative. Even you know it. And I know you know still I am explaining all this like a dumbo;)

        1. My Say

          😀 well I thank you for considering my doodles good .. lot to learn before I sleep 🙂
          Well nowadays people say lot to earn before I sleep 😉
          now say who is the dumbo bigger ? 😀 😀

    1. My Say

      We all need love as bloggers thats the only culture 🙂 hahaha
      not love affairs .. only .. comments and votes .. most of us are hungry for these two .. at least I am .. 😀

    1. My Say

      🙂 Thanks Rachna .. yes ones you are a established and known blogger for your quality content (like yourself 🙂 ).. IndiBlogger Votes dont matter at all 🙂
      but for blogs like mine its a long way to go .. and your blog is an inspiration..
      I think we all love confessions !! thats why while I was making this cartoon I was smiling and when i published it people loved it as well 🙂

    1. My Say

      hahaha .. even I do for 100s of topics but I have started learning so that I dont remain one any more .. BTW this is a nice way to escape .. right ? hahahhaha
      thank you for dropping by .. friend !

  18. Aditi

    Hehe superbly done!! 🙂 so whr do I fit in…hoping nowhere cz I like to scratch back backs 🙂 🙂 bt seriously your doodles r so good that it puts a smile on ‘9-6 employed-looking after hubby-n in laws’ busy me!!

    1. My Say

      thanks Aditi 🙂 I put you not in the list of seldom voters of my posts 🙂 I know how corporate life and tackling home and hubby is like .. no matter how good in laws and dearest hubby a woman has .. cant save herself from investing time in household 🙂 aint it ?? I see my mum doing so .. 🙂

  19. madconnection

    My Say, you jolted people into coming and commenting on your posts with this cartoon. 175 comments! Phew! ok ok I know half of these must be your replies and thank yous. Even then. Well done I say. 🙂 Keep it up.

    1. My Say

      hahaha.. see real success is only half Madhu .. rest is all hyped by me .. by thanking people .. I had to force them to come to me and bless me for my forced toons on them 😀 I have become a Dabang Doodler 😀

  20. chaitanya

    I missed this wonderful post while I’m relaxing away from my computer on my vacation… Like like like! I think I hate the tit for tat bloggers the most and I myself would make a category of the random blogger- one that disappears for a week and then resurfaces to blog and reconnect for 5 hours in a day.

    1. My Say

      Well there are many who hibernate .. amid and that is justified .. blogging is entertainment .. for some .. it should not eat up your time like Social Media Sites .. unless its yielding some benefits to count on 🙂
      no matter what.. I always feel good.. when you share your views .. on my post 🙂 !! Hope u having a nice vacation out there 🙂

  21. Vinaya

    Everybody seems to be having a say here, mysay…All I’ll add here is – nice cartoon’ and perhaps ur sending some well-intended signals too… 😉

    I am an occasional blogger myself..because the whole day and week is spent in maintaining a professional one. Bloggers and their reasons to visit you and put comments are far difficult to understand unless you know them personally. Many confess to read my blog, but don’t share their comments on it, simply because either they dont find the time or they feel the posts are only for their ‘reading pleasure’ 😐

    1. My Say

      I am glad Vinaya .. you dropped by and expressed the view.. since I have started blogging .. I noticed .. traffic ..but where is the discussion ? I felt there should be some difference between the usual newspaper , magazine and novels .. after all why has the maker of blogs given comment box ? hahahhaa
      even if people dont have anything to say that means they agree.. express you consent by saying I agree.. hahaha
      Someone has to raise the voice .. some more will follow and it will become a trend.. I am confident ..
      if videos can go viral .. who knows commenting may become a trend too.. 🙂
      Your pain as a blogger was my pain and every bloggers feel bad that no one expresses his/her point of view .. lets start at home .. with co-bloggers .. then the ones who are not bloggers will also start commenting 🙂

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