Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan patch up

Bollywood’s Dabang -Salman Khan and King Khan- Shah Rukh have become friends again after they met at Congress Leader and MLA of  Bandra,Baba Siddiqui’s annual Iftar party.They had a spat in 2008 at Katrina Kaif’s birthday. Well,is Congress going to use the patch up in their achievements list ? 😀

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48 responses on “Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan patch up

  1. Shivani

    It’s not a new phenomena…Iftaar parties…projected by media where brothers break bread… Wish that instead one such could bring together two brothers in arms…but of course we would need some Supersiddiqui to take/ make a call.

      1. vvpvijay

        Maybe Siddiqui is planning Karan Arjun Part 2 after the congo poll losses to make up the money put into elections 😀

  2. ankita

    when I first saw this damned news on TV i was Is this a news worthy of being included in ‘headlines’ on prominent news channels?? where is our media going..stooping so low..nice cartoon!

    1. My Say

      hehehe … me too thinking alike Ankita .. news of prime importance given to people who do not run our … expenses rather increase it and do a little to make us earn … people who we have made Gods and the media has made Breaking – in this case patching news 😀

  3. Harsha

    Another feather in Congress Cap…I am sure they will be using the slogan…
    “Jo DO Dushman ko Mila de wo hai Congress
    Aur Jo Desh ko Bech de woh bhi hai Congress..”
    Bhai log Wah Wah… 😉

  4. manuprakashtyagi

    हा हा हा , सही ​दिखाया आपने , रोज एक नया कांड कांग्रेस के पुराने घोटालो पर पर्दा डाल देता है तो शाहरूख सलमान दोस्ती कांड ही सही

  5. uma

    Nice one My friend and how well you drew the face of salman and shah rukh 🙂
    and sadly these are the headlines in news today (fighting and bonding of the khans )

  6. gc1963

    There is not much difference between Neta and Abhineta…..both live by the gift of the gab, both are equally and amazingly beguiling and both live on exploiting the emotion quotient of the humans….so I shan’t be astonished if the entire episode is a smart ploy ….on either side I mean…both hog on limelight and public woo and sympathy. Don’t you think so? BTW your choice of topics is as glam as Shah Rukh and Salman….well that rhymes too !!!

    1. My Say

      hahaha are right – Neta and Abhineta .. are alike with similar qualification criteria as well.. Acting is mandatory . 😀
      The try selecting lesser known topics .. but people do not even bother reacting .. like Chinese incursions .. only a few respond .. rest end up saying nice post .. hahaha
      I mean what is nice in chinese taking Indian lands away ? tell me ! hahahaha
      when it is SRK and Dabang Salman .. people are still interested .. 😀
      Jo sell ho wohi samaan rakhna thik hai na ? hahahha

      1. Geetashree Chatterjee

        That is not what I expect from someone called MY SAY. A true writer or cartoonist should speak what he wants to and not for fan following. If his voice is strong enough readership will follow. That was my belief when I wrote the recent post on my blog. It does not matter whether anybody wants to read it or not I wrote it because I wanted to write it. That’s a bag full of gyaan from your self-appointed guru!!!!

        1. My Say

          hahaha Guru ji .. you are self appointed by me .. 🙂 I second you .. that is the reason I compensated with the next post .. where I am risking my readership and votes .. and too a great extent I see truth may surely reduce your readership and IndiVotes .. 😀 😀 but guruji .. I am sure you will not be disappointed reading the next post on Type Of Bloggers !!

    1. My Say

      thanks a ton for the appreciation Vidhi .. many humour kings and queens .. find my work real dumb 🙂 … its just these words which give me the energy to move on .. against all odds 🙂

  7. Jiggyasa

    hhah…you didnt forget salman and his blue bracelet 😀 good good!
    facebook is full of Rakhi shouting “Mere karan-Arjun gale milenge”…and song Ye bandhan to pyaar ka bandhan hai 😀 waise banta bhi hai…reunion (sort of) after 5 years.

    1. My Say

      yeah friendship again after 5 long years !! good to see the Khans together .. one may not like either of them or both of them over Irrfan and Aamir Khan’s acting but one cannot deny they rule B-Town !!

    1. My Say

      Sanjay .. my brother .. you are a true admirer of cartoons .. I have mentioned this on the forum as well .. that even I do not consider myself a cartoonist .. coz cartoon really means self explanatory drawing .. but bro .. not all keep updated with day to day news .. hence I write on top and also express in speech boxes .. But I promise .. I will grab praises from you .. on some topics drawing cartoons .. that wont require a bubble speech 🙂 thats a promise !! 🙂 Thank you for being factual .. I hope to see you around brother 🙂

    1. My Say

      hahaha !! nice idea 🙂 dont worry I am greedy for responses 🙂 and have an eagle eye on comments , criticisms and compliments brother 😀 .. you took the effort .. I am thankful to you and I am glad you liked that post .. Thanks you again for dropping by and expressing yourself!! 🙂

    1. My Say

      Thanks Naba 🙂 his bracelet is something I always wanted to copy and his arms too .. but I am still Farhan Akhtar in physic hence the bracelet look alike wont do ..
      whenever I draw Sallu Mia I ideally remember his Being Human written T shirt and his bracelet with that sea blue colour stone 😀

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