Pawan Bansal may be probed in Railway Bribery Scam-Judge

Pawan Bansal who had to sacrifice his chair as Union Railway Minister after his nephew Vijay Singla was caught red-handed taking bribe for a railway job , has so far denied any role in the entire issue and the CBI says they have no evidence to prove Pawan Bansal was involved and has included his name as witness for prosecution. However, the judge handling the probe declared sheΒ may ask for the former minister’s role to be examined during the trial.

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19 responses on “Pawan Bansal may be probed in Railway Bribery Scam-Judge

  1. Manu Kurup

    The ‘like’ button ain’t working, mate.
    Otherwise, a big like would have been given for this amazing one. I seriously think that the agencies should investigate every minister who quits in the name of scandals and scams because most of them use resignation as a smokescreen to escape.

    1. My Say

      overwhelmed with your compliment brother πŸ™‚
      I feel the judiciary is somewhat trying to make a statement standing strict against the political class.Although,CBI has set records of finding no evidence against accused in the govt.. still ray of hope of facts coming out and justice be delivered can be expected with this statement.
      as you rightly said.. resignation is a way of getting out of limelight.

  2. Shivani

    Now let’s see how long the trial lasts for it to be proven who is guilty and who is not. From all I/ we know it takes really long for corruption/ murder to be proven. By then media is chasing bigger scoops.
    Good one πŸ™‚

  3. Jiggyasa

    hey jack..this reminded me of a which the zamindaar used to the poeple on charpaai and ordered his people to leave that man clung to the charpai on railway tracks. πŸ˜€ which movie was that…himmatwala thi kya?
    nice doodle.. Mama ji to bure fans gaye πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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