Uddhav ignores Modi factor

While the entire India including congress and its allies know who is the probable NDA candidate for the Prime Ministerial Candidature ,Uddhav Thackeray, the Shiv Sena head, prefers stating there are many probably candidates to select from and time will let all know who that candidate would be standing for NDA.

Why is he ignorant about the NaMo mantra ? Is it because Narendra Modi is close to Raj Thackeray , the MNS Supremo or he wishes to keep people guessing till the last. After all , it is a known fact , that NDA cannot even dream of its governance if Modi is not shown the candidate for PM’s post. And the stance of BJP is quite clear in this respect.In Mumbai , BJP put up posters portraying Narendra Modi as the Hindu Nationalist- a statement given by Modi about himself a few days back.

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30 responses on “Uddhav ignores Modi factor

  1. subzeroricha

    The modi factor is becoming a tipping point for all. Supporters and opposition alike. now lets see whether his charm is a myth or more?

    I know long time no see but its because google reader has got disabled and I hardly visit indi anymore now somehow. Well I try to keep track through twitter πŸ˜€


      1. subzeroricha

        its been maddening and I have hardly got a chance to follow the blogs I had in my rss because of stupid reader being stopped. Looking for an alternative aaj kal where i can transfer my subscription list..

    1. My Say

      Oh yes !! He is the John Rambo Congress admitted after his Uttarakhand Flood Rescue Mission πŸ™‚
      He is the Rambo for BJP as well ..only he can bring them to power .. hence … the attire πŸ™‚

  2. Manu Kurup

    I’m afraid this confusion is what helps the UPA in demoralising the NDA during elections. I don’t support both fronts because more or less they are all morons. (Wow! I liked that sentence!) But, I’m all for giving Modi a chance. UPA follows the commands of one person and one person only. On the other hand, NDA goes through a wide variety of leadership issues and childish pouts (from a specific idiot who could never get to THE chair!) and internal clashes that they could settle so easily.
    All in all, cartoonists like you should stock up materials. ’14 elections will be a booming time for you guys. πŸ™‚

    1. My Say

      true that Manu !! UPA has 1 captain and NDA has 1 captain and 1 star player πŸ˜€ .. you are right.. per and post 14 GE .. lot to draw on πŸ™‚ for all cartoonists

  3. vvpvijay

    Uddhav or other regional parties dont matter in this GE, I think the fight is between NaMo and Congo. Good governance or corruption take ur choice

    1. My Say

      Vijay ji .. I beg to differ .. a bit. Regional parties are strong in their areas and they might swipe away good numbers to make the difference .. to make a third front, who knows !

    1. My Say

      you need to be pro communal .. as in Hindu or Muslim hardcore or pro secular .. i.e. who strictly believes in showing compassion in the name of caste and tribe and religious minorities πŸ˜€
      Select who you wish to be Pankti hahahaha

      1. Pankti Mehta

        Nitesh, the thing is, although I don’t find NM perfect, I think he’s the best CM that Gujarat has ever got. And so I am pro NaMo. But that doesn’t mean I believe in politics based on caste, religion and creed. So where does this leave me?

        1. My Say

          see it leaves where all the urban Modi Supporters are standing .. to the anti-Modis which even I was once , I have this question -after 2002 Modi kept winning , how many times did the riots repeat ? the secular govts have promoted anti-sikh riots are they not minorities ? they went helpless in Assam when the riots broke between the intruders and locals – are they secular and saving people from riots ?
          they are actually wearing a mask of secularism and for only one religion .. because Muslims are major chunk of minorities .. and today even the educated Muslims dislike these divide and rule guys !!
          NaMo has miserably failed to be one Atal Ji and thats all .. so i thi nk he should be simply given a chance .. He is indeed the last hope of the nation !!
          I always appeal my Muslim friends to accept the man once .. bring forth development .. before self-fear of unsafety .. no one is safe in this country .. no govts can save riots then why not go to a person who at least is not corrupt!

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