Mountain Strike Corps to counter Chinese attacks

The government has cleared the creation of a Mountain Strike Corps costing about Rs 640000 crores specifically aimed at counter-attacking China, if required. Although this is a good move but Chinese have already developed infrastructure near borders like roads and soon they will be connected through railways. This simply means they can get their troops added up lot faster than India. India after remaining laid back for years has initiated the move but it would take about 7 long years to build an infrastructure capable to counter-answer Chinese attacks. There are a number of other major challenges to build roads near borders.Meanwhile,China may call this Indian act as provocative and may attack.
Well,India has been ignoring Chinese invasion and provocation since decades.China has always been able to sustain pressure on India , be it on matters related to South China Sea,Tibet or border attacks. Interestingly, China is friendly to countries like Pakistan , Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Point is, how long will China continue to claim Indian land as its-They want whole of Arunachal Pradesh and claim lot more areas of other states too.
Who wants war but if forced India is bound to lose land and lives. ๐Ÿ™ ย  ย The question is – what have been the severalย Govts of India doing since 65 plus years ? Why our administrators never took stern decisions against Chinese even after losing a war and lot of land against them in the past ?
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  1. I guess it will be more than 7 years after all Rs 640000 crores ka sawaal hai…To hamare politicians ko apne jeb to garam karna hoga na.. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Desh to unke liye Money Minting Machine hai…

  2. Haha this is as good as Birbals khichadi which never cooked. The NSG hubs for metros are still not up and they are announcing another corps ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great cartoon and thought as always. But, my question is something else. Aren’t we getting a little too paranoid about the Chinese flexing their muscles? If you look at the case of China, you’d understand that flexing muscles is all that they have been doing at their neighbours. Taiwan, PRC, Japan, Vietnam and India… the war in 62 was a bad case and blot in the history of Indian warfare. There’s something called the Chola Incident hich happened in 1966, I think. Chinese army infiltrated Sikkim, which wasn’t a state in the Indian Union at that time.. The Indian army kicked back well and the skirmish ended in resulting heavy casualty on the Chinese side. No one mentions this incident anywhere and I know about it from my grandfather who happened to face the intruding Chinese in Sikkim. It is also notable that inspite of having a numerical advantage over the defending Indian soldiers, Chinese Army could not advance or withdraw from the battle field. My grandpa used to say that they were choked from all sides.
    It is true that infrastructure development on the Indian side of the border happens slowly but the Chinese border on the Indian side are not exactly Chinese, are they? They are all buffer states which have different sorts of problems with the Chinese government… In a crucial situation they wouldn’t want to fight with India without resolving issues with the local fiefdoms.

    1. The real picture of north east India is a little different and is never hyped in Media … there are several kilometers where Chinese have penetrated .. Sikkim indeed was self dependent at that point of time but the 7 sister states have been dependent on India since ages .. and the governance out there is like any other state of India.. Chinese are playing bad games .. promoting terrorism .. although lot has been curbed thanks to the corrupt philosophy of India.. they lure the terrorists with money and keep them in check or use them for vested interest.. important it is to let them know WE ARE !! thats what I feel ! What Say bro ?

      1. It is true that countries promote terrorism in enemy countires because that’s one of the few strategies for weakening the enemy preparations. This mountain corps thing goes way back. Indian Army should be able to deploy itself faster on the LAC. But, I’m of the opinion that we have learned lessons from 62 because that has never happened to us after that.
        I have several friends from the NE. When they say that Indian Army is the cause of all their probnlems and stuff like that I ask them one question. Why have they been not able to vote a government (state) in to power that can promote their interests? All of them fail to answer that properly. So, the problem is not the Army’s. NE has a different sociological issue that has to be dealt with. We outsiders call them ‘The North East’ and ‘The Seven Sisters’ and all, bringign them under one banner. As much as that sounds good, they are not in harmony with each other and in some cases they have armed outfits that raids another tribe’s villages far too often. That’s part of their history and sadly, it still continues. Meiteis don’t like Nagas, Nagas don’t like Mizos and they have terrible opinions and misbeliefs about each other and so on. I was shocked to hear them badmouthing about every others’ tribe during a visit I made to the NE. Unless we settle their issues first and make them completely at home, we are not gonna get anywhere in creating a single entity called NE. Once, we achieve that, terrorist activities will bring itself down paving the way for a smoother government administration and may be a much cooler Armed Forces mobolization on the borders…
        PS.: Sorry, it got longer than I thought it would be,.

        1. I am amazed to know you know a lot about North East !! These are the things which I thought the rest of India might not be aware of .. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes they have conflicts a lot as tribes and states
          Its true their personal issues need to be addressed to avoid conflicts on a larger scale

  4. Whenever I read about India’s relationship with neighboring countries, I can’t think beyond anger and depression. I am not sure if we are ever going to find solution to this situation. My dad was in Navy Defense. He always used to say that what they used to win in battles, government gave it back on the negotiation table.

    1. If they are so determined to give up all the land why they have an army.. the jawans who lose lives for no serious cause in reality … ๐Ÿ™

  5. We have a tendency to look the other way when it comes to dealing with the Chinese. Despite having the might of a nation equipped with a vast army of intrepid soldiers, we have neglected the task as far as infrastructural facilities are concerned. The post is all about the sad reality we have to face.

    1. and my question is why do we take threats Sir ? When we can counter answer Pakistan why is our govt not giving a stringent look to the Chinese .. after all they are the ones who are more dependent on us when it comes to trade .. if the govt wants they can simply increase the taxes on Chinese products .. the moment their sales go down from India their shaky economy will be effected !!

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