Modi rally ticket for Rs 5 in Hyderabad

BJP’s Andhra Pradesh unit, in order to show the popularity of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, is collecting a registration fee of Rs 5 per person to attend a public meeting to be addressed by its election campaign committee chief (Modi)in Hyderabad on August 11.Interestingly,keeping in mind Modi’s following in the virtual world, the registration is available online and the party claims, about 40,000 people have already registered and the party hopes that it will go up to at least 70,000.The fund so collected is going for relief of Uttarakhand flood victims.
Now,that sounds like a bold step to check the ground reality of the magic of NaMo mantra floating in the virtual and media world .  🙂
NaMo Fans happy ?
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0 thoughts on “Modi rally ticket for Rs 5 in Hyderabad”

  1. myboyzterouslife

    Yes NaMo NaMo NaMo NaMo and anyways they can always fudge numbers..or manipulate numbers 😀 😀

  2. If someone would have asked to give away rupee one each to TB patients dying on the roads, our people would have thought twice. But for NaMo, entire lockers will be flung open. Crazy!!!

  3. hey dumb asses those amount will be transferrred to utterakhand victims..think before u post nonsense like this

    1. learn taking things in healthy spirit Naveen !! read whats written above .. its known not only to you but to the world that the money is raised for Uttarakhand …
      Cartoons are just for fun and if you do not understand that sir, with due respect, you do not have the rights to refer people as dumb asses.It shows your narrow-mindedness.Even NaMo favours critics .he says its healthy for democracy.Looks like your just a fan of NaMo for namesake.Would suggest you to follow what he thinks .

      1. thanks for supporting dear friend.. without even reading people take it otherwise 🙁
        I am scared the way we Indians have turned narrow-minded(some of us)

  4. Rs. 5 x 70k =3.5 lakh… is that a huge amount for relief ? ALthough I have huge respect for NaMo & believe in his vision but in this case I feel this is just a budgeted hype created by him!!

    1. It is just a way of Power-Exhibition done by BJP to scare the Congress and allies .. of his fan-following and politically that is a great step .This will surely put opponents at least a step back 🙂
      The amt surely will do nothing great for the kind of crises Uttarakhand flood victims are facing .. yet a great way of helping and power-exhibition at the same time 🙂

    1. Hi Cynthia, I wish I could give such names to popular people 🙂 NaMo is a name invented by Media .. and they have popularized it as well 🙂 If you see News Channels and some news on Modi , its common to hear NaMo out there.
      In fact some channels have named Rahul Gandhi too as RaGa
      NaMo Vs RaGa 😀
      thanks for dropping by 🙂

        1. anytime Cynthia 🙂
          It is my pleasure if the blog helps. Political News is anyways .. not that happening .. you are among the masses when you are not politically regularly updated 😀
          trust me !!
          Till I started this blog .. I hated knowing about what is going on in politics. I always felt .. no matter who comes and goes .. we the commoners will have to earn our bread and make our own fate ..
          One fine day , I realized .. why Developed countries have everything for their citizen.. they dont need to work as hard as us for earning bread and basic medical facilities .. they have lifestyle .. their lives are cared for .. and they are no entirely fate dependent. I realized political awakening is important .. and need of the day .. to let people like me know .. we need to do something about it . Staying politically updated is important .. this will make sure we be responsible while voting .. at the minimum .. I do not say .. join Aam Aadmi Party 😀 but at least vote the deserving .. know the political gimmicks … after all the country is OURS as much it is of the celebs and politicians !!

          1. Another good one…
            I don’t know but there days I just don’t like reading newspapers or watching the news…so much propaganda and its headache inducing for me! But as Cynthia said I see your post and then I go take a snapshot of what’s new in the realms of politics in our country! 🙂

          2. so true Naba..politics has become monotonous and all the more deteriorating .
            I am glad that the blog serves its purpose 🙂

  5. Hey whatever happened to that about charity…that the left hand should not know what the right hand gives. You know what…when i look around i see this in me in someone else…everywhere. Going bang bang drum about the charity done. Here is a case for collecting numbers for vote bank but i see most people doing it anyways…and these people r worse…they forget the basic adage…charity begins at home.
    Sigh! everybody wants recognition these days…people who just talk and actually do nothing even they bang their own drum about charity…environment…

    1. today the world is all about marketing what you got 😀
      whatever !! no banging drum no recognition .No recognition no business 😀

  6. Ohmy god haha! Your doole is so funny! 😀 made my day yaar! Ticket plz!
    Btw: I think show off or not, it’s a gret step! 🙂

    1. it should actually serve the right purpose .. it will be a declaration of Modi’s fan following .. and also the money is going for a right cause hence justified 🙂

      1. there is no problem with the cartoon but may i ask on what basis the prallel “Owasi from Gujara” was printed, or as it goes just attention mongers and leeches like yourself would not even get a second notice otherwise in the REAL world.

        1. Come on Ankur !! why you need to be so narrow minded ? Come on !! we are Indians at the end of the day … what fun do you get not taking fun as fun .. I am not anti-Modi … but let people justify things .. big deal if I say Owaisi.. does it matter .. to your fan following towards him ? I am open to criticisms .. I have validated your comment and answering back .. and that too decently .. Why dude !! what is an issue in facing criticisms .. I dont think it was so wrong that you had to compare me with leeches? I love India as much you do .. its my country too.You have the rights to criticize and express but calling names ? is that fair my brother ?

  7. Suresh prasad keshri

    We are 100+ youth and young student we want to visit Hyderabad for listing of Shri Narendra Modi Ji Bhashan and we want to Purchase Rally ticket can you guide us how can purchase ticket…. please please guide us how can purchase ticket———–Thanks

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