0 thoughts on “Dealing with enemies in Democracy”

    1. Pritam if Politicians continue to be self centred .. the Judiciary or the Army may someday over throw them … Democracy will die .. the way it has happened in other countries in the recent past . Who knows !

        1. I think.. .total power in any particular hand will yield to similar stories and equally distributed power may also help a little.
          Pritam my idea is our democratic system is perfect .. flaws are with the few sitting as decision makers . Some real big Leaders and many small time MLAs and MPs .
          The point is logic of politics – where it should be dismantled … politics on the basis of reservations .. o the basis of certain religion followers or castes .. Break the Divide and Rule policy of the parties wearing mask of Secularism and promoting vote bank politics in the name of being equal to all ..
          thats important !! very important !!
          Reservation be eradicated and so should be the caste system .. officially anyone even passing lewd comments related to someone’s caste should be punished .. Religious and Spiritual Leaders be banned from entering politics .. their say on politics in public be considered punishable !!
          Religious gurus and imams be told on the face stay out of politics !!
          changes will happen!
          Today Love Marriage is as common as Arranged . Why ? Mindset is changing !!
          But Military or Judiciary taking over entirely means another North East India and Jammu and Kashmir !!
          They take away the right to oppose !!

  1. Ahhh gr8 just got reminded of that two cat fighting and the monkey stealing away the bread story. Skilful interpretation of the state of affairs…
    Pls stop by for my story too…and because i no nothing of how to draw cartoons i have borrowed one from Jerry King. Actually was thinking as to how u would put the story across through ur mastery at the art.

  2. Awesome doodle, India getting back to its roots with Kushti at the top to get the best Pehelwan to become the leader 🙂

  3. Awesome doodle yaar!
    Btw: olz give me time to reply to your mails as currently both my pc and laptop are not feeling well :/

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