Ottavio Quattrocchi dies

Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi, a suspect in the Bofors scam,that gave Congress real tough time for decades, has died of a heart attack in 2011, CBI had dropped the cases against him declaring lack of evidence however the former CBI chief ,Joginder Singh,claimed the investigating body was in tremendous pressure  from the government while probing the bofors scam. Quattrocchi allegedly acted as a middleman in the scam and his closeness to the Gandhi family and success in evading trial in India have long raised questions on whether he was shielded by the Congress.

Details on Ottavio Quattrocchi,bofors scam and Congress government’s alleged involvement in the scam.

While officially, he was no more threat to the Congress after CBI dropped the cases against him,still, the unofficial chance of knowing the exact truth of  Bofors Scam seem to have been buried with the  death of Quattrocchi. 

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  2. Yeah it was also my gharwala’s first news announced to me while I was still groggy with sleep and waiting for that chai of mine. Strange na r ways of the world…some r born immortal , some achieve immortality but there r some who have immortality thrust upon them…especially our leaders. This way or that way and what’s more anyone associated with them and their ghotalas.
    Sometimes I feel like saying, ” may all the ghotalawalas rest in peace” but that’s cruel na…
    Just saying…

    1. ghotalas have penetrated our systems both the social and our mental system. If ghotalawalas were to be picked up 80% of we commoners will also be have to stand in the Que ! 🙂
      Black mei cylinder !! Govt bus mei without ticket travel!! School donations !! praise of the ones politically connected !! traffic hawaldar ko 100 bucks for leaving us early .. even if we have all the docs. Taking office competition to different level .. and plotting against the ones who is leading us.. at least bad mouthing ..
      all are initiations and indications of ghotalas … given a chance 70 % of us will play the same or may be a better game to earn money in politics 🙂
      we need to change ourselves .. we are the system .. and I am doing my bit statement will not work .. I think… it has to be a mass awakening that by cheating the govt we are cheating the country .. our mother !! Change is bound to happen .. but it should be inside us first ! What Say ? 🙂

    1. traffic ? traffic ka kya hai dost .. good omen ke saath aate hain .. aur good omen ke saath chale jaate hain 🙂 Aap aaate rahiye traffic aa jayega 🙂
      funny aint it ? we do so much to get materialistic happiness but for what .. death is obvious and nothing lasts over it, still we tend to possess all the riches.For what ?

  3. With death comes peace, doesn’t it? In addition to the scathing attack you make through the powerful tool of your cartoons, I am ever touched by the force of your commitment to the ideals of honesty.

    1. Indeed,peace of mind for the deceased and in above cases its also peace of mind for the ones who have a sword hanging on them till an individual is alive.
      I am glad the cartoons connect 🙂
      Thank you Sir, for your continued support. Overwhelmed 🙂

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