Parties hit out at Modi for clarifying 2002 Gujarat riots

In an interview to Reuters,Gujarat’s CM , Narendra Modi claimed he was innocent in the Gujarat riots.To add on he said while driving if a puppy comes under the wheel, it will be painful and that even he is a human being. If something bad happens anywhere, it is natural to be sad.
Congress and other parties were quick to pick up the analogy and hit out at him for using the puppy word in the context of the riots while BJP was busy defending the statement by Modi.
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      1. I am neither pro NaMo or RaGa, I just want a better leader for India who can deliver the dreams of billions. If NaMo has to run the country he should remember the Indians are very fickle minded lot and wrong choice of words can club him with Diggy Raja of foot in the mouth disease. NaMo looks like the only leader in the current political spectrum who can deliver his promises of good governance

  1. Political parties has nothing good to do it Congress or Namo or anyone..they just want to be in limelight as the all know Indians are emotional fool and once any party gets this emotional inclination on their side they are on a roll..
    Nice One Nitesh.. 🙂

    1. true words .. need to be in limelight all parties and media dying to get a breaking news ! Thanks Harsha .. I am happy you liked the toon 🙂

  2. I’m not into politics , so I will just tell about the look of the image – the toons are really good , apt for newspaper

  3. If politicians were to endorse products, I am sure he would gain the maximum deals..Look at the way he tries to get into limelight every now and then…He has become a self-selling brand…

    1. there are 4 best sellers in India I know .. best marketers and best sellers – all in their own fields are big shots –
      Politics -NaMo
      Cricket -Dhoni
      Bollywood -SRK
      Spiritual & Social -Baba Ramdev
      think about these management gurus in real-life .. they know how to brand themselves and mint money and/or fame.. these chaps have done best in crises moments and times and again .. and now they are a trend .

    1. i feel its time we consider politics 🙂 our boredom with politics has left the country crippled in the hands of few corrupts and selfish people . Thanks Swati,I am glad you liked the doodle 🙂

  4. Haha…laughing at that puppy thing…was imagining the dialogue in Hindi Bollywood ishtyle…
    Ur cartoons and doodles are becoming that chai habit now…can’t do without types. 🙂

    1. overwhelmed !! its a compliment Shivani..that motivates. hope these toons continue to stand parallel with your morning or evening chais 🙂

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