Salman asks journalist to put down his blog post

As per an IBN NEWS article bollywood’s Dabang actorΒ Salman Khan ‘communicated’ to an entertainment journalist(Soumyadipta Banerjee) to convince him to take down the blog post he had written in connection with Khan’s hit-and-run case.In the post he had mentioned about police constable Late Ravindra Patil describing how he absconded, under pressure,being a witness of the hit-and-run case against Salman Khan and how he died of TB and his last words.
The IBN NEWS article has links of the post written by the journalist which he has removed from his blog(but is available on the net) and also the post link on the journalist’s website where he apologizes Β to Salman Khan for posting the previous post on Ravindra Patil and declares he has deleted it from his blog.
Well, when it comes to Celebs, opinions differ.Some say the celeb should be spared and some are too strict wanting the celeb to be severely punished.After all, a coin has two sides. Reading the post on Ravindra Patil, I can conclude at least , in India , money matters over lives .
People , I would request you to read the article by Mr Banerjee which I read and then make an opinion,if at all you wish to. I am not for Salman Khan and not against him. I do not need to have an opinion about him. But I have an opinion about how my country,our country, treats celebs and commoners.I feel ashamed !
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  1. Mummy Can the Macho look so horrendous in that suit? Ewww! Ha ha! Awesome doodle! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ Beachara Salman!

  2. Agree with you completely. The law of the land should be applied evenly to all whether they are celebrities or not. Asking someone to take down a blog spot is tantamount to accepting wrong doing.

  3. India is a land of Emotional Fool without practicality…When it comes to Celebs,Politicians and other big names law is not able to put their hands on them..
    In case of Salman Khan how can he defend himself after such a case,infact he has done more inhuman act….And what an irony..he has a NGO named ‘BEING HUMAN’…

      1. Indeed my friend as I said land of Emotional Fool with no practicality,logic and will never raise their voice against the wrong.. πŸ™
        Some of them who raise their voice are soon made unheard to the mass..sad state of affairs…

        1. someone has to make the difference .. cribbing should be over … Harsha !! Someone has to raise the voice .. to make the difference … the administrators are us .. we have made them .. we need to change ourselves .. our perceptions about humanity !!

          1. Yes we should take up the charge..Time to pull up our socks..I already have..If you believe I raise voice whenever I see anything that is not meant to happen in our society…I try my best to prevent such things and I gave up my ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude also..

          2. Good !! Today you and me .. tomorrow many and many more .. till it actually matters .. after all this is our country !! No Chalta Hai attitude

  4. I had read that article and felt very sad at the state of affairs of our country… Its sad that Late Ravinda Patil had to go through so much…Money is everything in this country…And if you don’t have a lot of it, anything can happen!

  5. Commendable is your idea to showcase something which most would not refer to …
    Commendable is your thought for the country and not for the star …
    Commendable is your Doodle which depicts the situation so well
    Commendable is you and your wisdom to bring forward the brighter side of News …

    1. Thanks Aazi !! My attempt is to ask myself, the Indian inside me , am I worth blaming the administration and society when I am a part of it.. the hypocrite !

  6. I just don’t get one thing: what has punishment got to do with the celeb status of the wrong-doer. How does it matter how famous I am if I hit somebody on the road? I was hounded by the same questions when petitions for forgiving Sanjay Dutt were being made. Shouldn’t he have thought about the repercussion when he was doing the act?

  7. I would admit when I hear such news I feel celebrities should be punished. When they are given a slightest bit of punishment, I am the feeling pity on them. Rightly said my say, we need to change first. We are hypocrites, we aren’t worth blaming the system, and by we I mean people like me who think both ways. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Dear,we all have a U in us !!
      and my point is we have made a hypocrite society and we are the one who need to wake up for a change , much needed !! A constable is not being heard by his own department .. why ?

  8. he should not have deleted his blog post..wheres freedom of speech going? i would not have deleted if i was at his place..let alone apologize..if salmans made a mistake he should have the guts to accept it.. whats the point of donating to beggers and then dhamkavofying innocent bloggers?? *furious*

  9. Well said,if you have money you can do whatever u like,sad but true in our country money matters ….most of NGO’s are business nowadays where you can save tax and your black money in the name of charity.
    Though I like Salman Khan he has a good heart but what can we do if press and laws in our country is pathetic :/

    1. thanks bro for the compliment on the work !
      I wish my voice could make a change for the ones I raise voice..for who I raise my voice for are mine and the ones who I pin-point are also mine. I am the part of the system and I wish to change it for good of myself and all .
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts bro .

  10. Why are there different set of rules for the commoner and the celebs ?? Its a sorry state of affairs.
    The cartoon says it all, you’re brilliant as usual πŸ™‚

    1. the issue is differentiation Renu !! We have made it and we need to break the walls before justice !
      I am glad you liked the cartoon .. thanks again!

  11. Well done…thoughtful too. A demigod then some expose’ and Superman turns into Wolverine/ Vampire/…u r so right about money mattering more than lives.
    From all u know there is no waning of the mass/ media mania over celebrities.

  12. Well…Salman as a Super-Hero…Ah !! We don’t need Super-Heroes…What we need now is Heroes..Who could be a Hero to us πŸ™‚

  13. I feel sorry for this guy. He has everything yet he doesn’t have anything.
    Great work on this, love the outfit you gave him. πŸ™‚

  14. Salman khan has certainly grown up devils horn and a tail on him by his deeds. The way he has influenced the witness and the journalist is deplorable in every way. Very nicely depicted…

  15. It’s really bad that people are becoming fans of celebs on seeing the movie alone and not his original character, In my college too my friends used to say that “iam a fan of him,her,etc..” I hate being a fan of someone whom i don’t know his original character and iam proud of it. πŸ™‚
    Nice article with a great Doodle Jack. Now i came to know about Salman’s Character Too!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Arun..I do not wish to conclude my thoughts on Salman or anyone .. I am just thinking about where are we heading as a society ? Should we not be responsible as citizens of India.

  16. The article was really moving! I feel sorry for Ravindra.
    Everybody has got a dark side…it may come in scene or may not! The society we live in is pretty harsh and if one wish to survive then perhaps ‘compromises’ could define the life schedule in the best way!

    1. Yes Kriti .. compromises give us life but take the strength away .. and probably we are a society which is selfish , self centered and opportunist .. point is today we are managing .. will tomorrow be same .. or go worse .. ? A society where lives are cheaper than currency .. future is doubtfully dark ..
      Point is … whatever is happening , can that be forgotten as Chalta hai ? πŸ™

      1. That’s the bitter truth if you ask me…change will sure come but it will take it’s own good time and for the coming 20-25 years I guess mingling compromises with self opinions might lend us a better option.
        I feel, if you could retain your life under circumstances by ofcourse moulding accordingly, then probably you hold the chance to bring some change. When you know the entire system is against you then it’s actually better to step out of it first and then advance according to some smart strategy to tackle what has been irking your nerves…that’s how we should deal it, TODAY!

        1. perfect words Kriti !! When the entire society stands against you .. its better to step aside plan .. things and be the change going with the stream rather than trying to wall it πŸ™‚
          this was very motivating dear friend and practical too.

  17. Reminds me of a phrase in tamil ” Neega nallavara illa katavera ” meaning “sirji, are you good or bad ? ” – most of the times people in high profiles should be careful before and after giving out opinions

  18. Its ridiculous how a case of hit and run can keep running for over a year.
    “Money = Power” is not a new concept, at least in India. Only the people using this formula is changing. Good post. I guess, you might also be asked to take down this post soon. Be ready for your stand in that situation.

  19. Media is active and transparent. Actors have something to dread of. Sad plight of victims to whom no help can be practical because of lack of local support. Media has presented real image of Salman Khan. He cannot escape.

    1. I beg to opine differently Neelam. I think money buys it all in our no more Holy nation.. lives can be bartered with ease. I truly hope your faith in media and the system remains intact πŸ™‚
      thanks for sharing thoughts on this . Really matters !

      1. Neelam Dadhwal

        Yes, media can be bought but we are able to know this truth because it was presented by them. I totally support you that media gives up ultimately but then who supports ever actually? Indian people at mass cannot come everyday on streets to protest against such incidents. It is local society, police and law that is very indifferent to these people.

    1. Thanks Sumanth!! Commoners have always been losers till they become celebs and make other commoners suffer ! True that -its a vicious cycle !!
      After all why blame celebs .. they are one of us !

  20. What else can be expected out of Mr. Dabangg Khan? hehhe. Well I am a big fan of Salman…first for his philanthropic activities and second for his acting. It is really hard to gulp down this grey shade of him. He is a Brat with a soft heart πŸ™‚

    1. Its good to know someone is his fan for his ACTING !! Nice to know he ACTS πŸ™‚
      Soft heart !! may be !! who knows what we are inside.

  21. dekh bhai….even i dnt like such partiality…..okay, let’s say that it was just an accident which was unintentional…but salman has intentionally and in full awareness of the law hunted down deer and chinkara….besides, there are host of other things like post-alcohol brawls and DUI. Still, he is walking in a dabangg way even after 1.5 decades…that’s a shame….our legal system is in a shambolic state coz it is taking 15 years for the judge to pass his ruling in a case where they already know that Salman is guilty……..i mean, they don’t even have to prove anything…toh fir time waste kyu karta hai ya log… the time, they pass a judgment, salman may already have lived his life. woh bhi mazey se

    1. Dear Ritesh,guilty he who is poor and without power , in India , as of now . Money buys everything.. justice is just a so readily buyable . Still, I am hopeful.India will change and change for good some day soon

  22. Even celebs are human beings and necessarily have the horns! But how does one deal with the problems created by the horns? That’s what really matters. Mr Khan is no hero when it comes to that!

    1. true sir, we all are human beings prone to make mistakes and only celebs have the liberty to repeat mistakes .. as many time they wish to .. and throw tantrums when inquired. πŸ™‚
      happy to see on my space .. after longtime,sir πŸ™‚

  23. Nice post. I doubt whether he will be at all convicted and punished!! Some Ramjethmalani or some other big criminal lawyer will be his rescue. It is the money power that talks here.

  24. “In India, Money matters over life. ”
    As I see it, anybody who has money can modify, transform, transfigure or even substitute Truth India. I like your cartoons as they make people think with a comical facade. Someday, our great country will triumph over greed and money.

  25. In India law is different for the rich and the famous. But what can we expect when they have got ‘fans’ who support them, as they still think they have got “a soft heart”. Would anyone support a commoner accused of ‘unintentional’ murder, drunk driving, deer hunting, abusing etc.. saying “but he has got a soft heart”. So in the end it is the commoner who is blindly giving this power to the rich and the famous. So whom to blame – the one who is giving the power or the one who is enjoying it?

    1. Seema, you have nailed it rightly .. the ills of the society and the devils as the boss are all self made .. we have amde them – commoners .. and still we do not fail blaming them.
      A common man dies unheard nobody cares.Celebs and Politicians sneeze and the media is around !!
      In this country, either you be a celeb or be non-existent. I pity people like Bhagat Singh,Azad and Netaji who lost their lives .. getting us freedom .. Had we been freed their way , we would have respected it much more and cared for lives .. The non-violent way has made everyone .. wait for a Gandhi for a change πŸ™

    1. true that !! Pity state of an emotionally driven country…where a public figure can dodge law and punishment on sympathy grounds .. while the public often gets wrongly punished. Its funny to see how people tur their back towards facts when it comes to their favourite star. It was a media news that he was a bad man and the same media successfully made him a nice man .. and their are so many who buy this . Could any of his blind fan get away after killing someone? Nobody bothers asking themselves.

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