Mahabodhi Temple Blasts

The ancient,1500 year old temple of the Buddhists at Gaya was shaken with several blasts in and around the premises injuring two monks of foreign origin.Β Security agencies suspect that Indian Mujahideen may be behind Sunday’s multiple blasts and a man who is considered to have links with Indian Mujahideen has been detained from Kolkata.
The Securities suspect this is an avenging response from IM in retaliation to the attacks on Muslims inΒ Β Myanmar.Even LeT had warned Buddhists of attacks in retaliation to the attack on Myanmar Muslims.
How long will Humanity by crucified by Religion ?
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  1. Mysay as of now it is not known who was involved in the blasts and as usual we will see everybody jumping the gun to name the bombers. Digi Raja (sic!) the foot in mouth guy has already said that it was a act by Hindu terror groups, doesnt he know that Hindus consider Buddha to be a Saint (some even consider him a Avatar of Vishnu)

    1. Vijay Ji no matter who is involved and who says what the worst part is religion which is the path to Almighty has become a weapon to perish humanity πŸ™

  2. Great Post Friend…If people find that the world is somewhat going towards peace…they will come up with extreme attack on humanity and they say “In the Name of God”…
    I sometimes feel that God is really having a Hard Time as he made Humans and we are totally responsible in destroying the Earth….

  3. Maybe there won’t be any doomsday after all. We’ll all finally perish…killing each other if not for religion then something else. Somewhere someone is on a killing spree. What about someone entering a school/ camp and shooting at kids just like that…But of course religion is just the simplest excuse.

    1. categorization of human beings on any basis is the reason of such heinous act against humanity
      Religion any day is the most readily available weapon for killing

  4. Geetashree Chatterjee

    The only message the carnage has left behind is ” Peace Be Damned”. No political or religious mandate can be greater than human lives.

    1. God ? Yours is not mine is God – thats what these extremists convey … and believe !!
      Thanks Jiggs for your compliments πŸ™‚

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