0 thoughts on “Uttarakhand Tragedy Breaking News No More?”

  1. Well said about media…about the victim stranded in tragedy… about put the blame on the Govt… .i felt like sharing some thoughts here.
    Someone sitting inside me is telling this-” Listen people to what nature is trying to say…stop making these pilgrimages…stop pretending that God dwells in Stones, pictures, temples alone…look for the Almighty inside you…inside all the fellow beings…in nature… and stop messing around once for all…or will you stop when the next time it’s you…but then won’t it be too late…”
    This one is just too moving…admiration for saying it all so well. Gr8 work once again.

    1. Shivani .. Pilgrimages are still Ok as they never demanded deforestation … even though they have been where they are , since ages !
      Its the selfish human kind ! Its so stupid that people earn and save money for future as much as they can but how ? by risking the future of humanity a a whole !!
      News may come and may become breaking ones and then will perish but there is no impact ..no major impact !!
      Warnings are being ignored for wealth , time and again – helpless we stand .. we have made ourselves look so ..!!
      Its time to do something beyond selfish demands of life !

    1. thanks Indrani !
      Awakening is important !I just wish people would understand Breaking News may change but the mishap should have an impact for a change .. for good
      I appreciate you dropped by 🙂 thanks again for sharing views

    1. yes .. after all they are nothing but corporate sitting there to mint money .. with breaking news !!
      not their fault entirely. We as a society are laid back and selfish and we may perish sooner than we are thinking !! 🙁

  2. Media Busted…Mujhe to lagta hai bahut se media ne to set bana liya hoga Uttrakhand ka …Kyunki Uttrakhand jana tu unke liye khatron se bhara hoga… 😛

    1. hahahaha 😀 Byomkesh Bakshi !! wah re wah kya socha hai .. no big deal .. set banane mei kya lagta hai .. aur RamLal bhi khada kar sakte hain ! 😀

  3. Sad and true but why blame media alone…the fact is they have the highest TRP during any crisis. All the circus sells well…television sets are kept on at the highest volume…playing the channel with the loudest host!!!!!

  4. Interesting illustration of a very common fact. Media channels are commercial units and it is a joke expecting social service from them.

  5. Genuine emotions and sensitivity have faded somewhere in times of race, competition and TRP’s… Sad scenario but so true. Amazing cartoons.

  6. Critical and sorrow situation … News coverage journalist making a nuisance of it… Glad you came up with this .. its just heart breaking when such catastrophe is portrayed this way ..
    You doodle just created a statement …

    1. Thanks Aazi.. I am just hurt that .. Media alongwith all the goods is also trying sell Emotions for temporary TRPs .. Many of these issues are forgotten sooner than later … and thats bad !! This also happens because every alternate day a news is being hyped and then subdued !

  7. mysay I believe we also are responsible for the media hype after all we are the ones they cater to. Even we have erased the Uttarakhan tragedy from our memory

    1. I believe we have created medis the way it is .. the corporate the way they are .. the political leaders .. the way they take us .. its we who are responsible Vijay Ji, foremost! They are just a prt of this same society.

    1. Yes Sir,.. whenever there is a crises .. all opportunists jump in … to take the share of benefit and then leave the situation as it is.

    1. Jungle ? what is that ?In India it will soon be extinct 😀 thanks to deforestation you wont have a jungle to stay away from the sin world 😀

        1. hahaha ! indeed be as nasty as you can but before banish .. somewhere .. take a Tata Photon alongwith .. so that you can keep blogging 😀 😉

          1. Haha…no way am I taking Internet with me! If I take it with me, again all the things will start from which I want to run. However I will take my laptop with me, so that I can write in it uninterruptedly. 😀

  8. very well narrated Jack. For the first one week, Media had almost become Akshaya Kumar at the tragedy inflicted area..but slowly as the rescue operations finished, the media vanished from the site slowly. By the way..is this media guy CAMERAMAN RAJU K SATH…DEEPAK CHAURASIYA?

    1. hahaha !! Raju ke saath Prabhu Chawla .. may be !! hehehe .. they all look same to me promoting – we are braving this rain.. flood..landslide .. scorching sunlight.. water cannons .. etc only for you .. Bane Rahiye .. humare channel phalana dhikna news par 🙂

  9. Aarushi.. Mumbai blast, Damini Case, IPL issue, Floods.. We public will forget.. You keep doing media business. But believe me, Media if they do their part well they can bring any good change and a better India, which now seems impossible. But Mostly they too are selfish.

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