Politics on Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case

Rajnath Singh the chief of BJP accused UPA govt of hyping the Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case for political mileage over NDA.

Human beings die and some leave politics,alive, behind.   🙁

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0 thoughts on “Politics on Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case”

    1. yes Avinash .. no matter what the reality was .. at least .. making political staircase on the dead is criminal .. for any party or individual .. thats the ultimate fate .the law of the land should be forcing to bring facts out and ask the political parties to stop the nonsense.

  1. A life is lost in Fake Encounter..The People came to know after 9 years of the Incident and Now again the Political Parties are on their feet playing the Blame Game… 🙁
    I wish one day I wake up and find out no politics or political leaders are any more….The Day I dream of…

    1. well.. wish that was a solution dear Harsha .. we still need administrators.Its time, young and genuine Indians to step in truly.They who believe in the word democracy and secularism in the true sense .. and are spiritually awake !

  2. I sometimes wonder how or why people vote for leaders who give politics a bad name. But I guess I have no right to speak on the issue. At least u have done a cartoon…what do I do…just read and hear and move on with life. How many of us r really doing what we ought to do to change things…whereas those actively involved in bringing about the change land up losing sight of their goals. Sigh!
    Anyways…as always good creativity that makes me smile but with more cynicism…

    1. Shivani .. we all need to do a little bit as much as we can .. educating people around at the least we can do …literacy will bring spiritualism awakening and sense of understanding,sense of curiosity and questioning and things will start changing .. society will bring right people on the chair .. after all even these leaders are one among us .. why blame them solely .. the society as a whole is to be blamed !

  3. Indian Politics is much more masaledaar than any Saas-Bahu serial by Ekta Kapoor. Pity it is that such a handful of nuts are deciding the future of our country. Sigh!

    1. and interstingly they are us .. they are a part of the same society .. its the society which needs to be cleaned .. I wish entire India would follow Shri Shri Ravi Shankar.. spiritualism is lacking in the country .. and its time it be refueled .. let the evil inside ask .. what am I going to do being bad ? am I immortal ?

  4. I was not aware of this incident until i read your post………Indian courts have always been famous for their Wrong judgement, but ths is just too much…… 🙁 very sad 🙁

    1. Bush it would be unfair to declare Indian courts take wrong judgement or are popular for doing so.. In fact, there are 100s of countries where law and order does not even exist.We are still lucky.
      I would suggest you to read more about the entire case of Ishrant Jahan, in case you wish to, whose involvement in terrorist activities cannot be entirely denied – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ishrat_Jahan_fake_encounter_case
      my point here was on humanity grounds can we just not politicize such incidents for drawing sympathy votes ?

      1. Oh my! Teens like me are so unaware of issues like this 😐 Thanks for updating me about not only this case but also all the other cases which you portray through your awesome doodles 🙂

        1. hehe !! thanks !! Aap is desh ke future ho .. haanth jharne se nahi chalega !! 🙂 Ab tumhare jaise teens ke hawale .. Watan Sathiyon 🙂

  5. MySay the UPA is using CBI to make some irrelevant charges which will never stick. They are now searching for options to the severe NaMonitus they suffer from 🙂

    1. yes .. Vijay ji ..what Congress is trying to do is gain sympathy votes … doubt votes … default votes …illegal migrant votes .. votes .. and only votes ..
      Well even BJP would have played the same cards had they been in Congress’ place , who knows ..
      Point is .. good or bad .. people who are no more existing should their name still be used for political benefits , ethically or should I say on humanity grounds ?

      1. Mysay politics has no humanity, if they could get votes they did even dig out Mahatma’s grave
        Having said that, I always maintain BJP has a known agenda of Nationalism based on hinduism. And I did prefer a thief whose motives I know rather than a unknown thief

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