Mulayam not even fit to sweep PM house-Beni Prasad

Union Minister,Beni Prasad,who was once great friends with SP head,Mulayam Singh Yadav, has again made a controversial statement against him saying SP is dreaming to become the PM but they are not even fit to sweep PM’s residence.The Congress spokesperson has declared this may be Beni’s personal view and not Congress’ .

SP with 21 MPs matters a lot for the UPA govt after TMC and DMK has left the alliance and Beni Prasad’s repeated attack on SP may surely turn things worse between Congress and SP.Point is,do these elderly leaders really make such comments out of frustration or are these just part of some political plan and strategy ?

In the recent past,Beni Prasad had regretted his statement where he had claimed Mulayam Singh is friendly with terrorists.

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14 responses on “Mulayam not even fit to sweep PM house-Beni Prasad

    1. My Say

      hehehe .. have I ??
      I dont make many political cartoons as not everyone is updated or bothers to know whats going on in Indian politics 🙂 I am thankful , you follow politics 🙂 I can draw for at least one person if not more 🙂

  1. Jiggyasa

    Jack I am hoping to see you on Times Now very soon…you may take the place of Arnab Goswamy…amm..ehh..I mean a milder Arnab Goswamy 🙂
    For UPA govt wind is already blowing in wrong direction…bechare itna bada risk (Beni Bomb) nahi utha sakte.
    I think u have given an apt name..”Beni Bomb” 😀 😀

    1. My Say

      haha , Jiggs thats too big a name to even think about . That man rocks !! 🙂 But then I need to thank you for that piece of compliment 🙂 ! About the Beni Bomb – I feel , this bomb explodes pre-planned .. to check how Mulayam ji will react in 2014 ? 😀 thats why Beni Bomb 😉

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