Congress BJP tweet fight

The Congress and the BJP has been trying to get political mileage and playing blame-games on the Uttarakhand flood tragedy.The fight has taken a bitter shape on the social media site twitter,where both the parties seem to be in a tweet war. NDTV’s article on these angry tweets compiled together shows how both the parties of the nation got involved in explanations and arguments on twitter.
Previously, Congress had taken a dig on Modi by calling him a Rambo when the news spread that Modi came and rescued 15000 people from his state who were stuck in the Uttarakhand flood. To this , the BJP had responded by saying –its better to be  a Rambo than  a Dumbo or a Scambo
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0 thoughts on “Congress BJP tweet fight”

  1. Haha, now congress has no better work then to fight and name people who are really doing something. After the latest price rise, its but natural they try to shift the focus on something irrelevant 🙂

    1. indeed! there are so many issues they face every often that they specifically may have hired a strategist to shift media focus .. from one topic to other 😀

          1. Done Done..Sahi time pe bola,abhi main Sonia aur Rahul ke saath baitha hua hoon…Apna Portfolio bhej de mujhe… 😉

  2. that was really funny..i also enjoyed this tweet war between congress and Modi…and really loved all the versions of Rambo that followed..scambo..Mogambo..:D
    perfect doodle with perfect timing 🙂

    1. thanks Jiggs !! 🙂 political toons make so much sense to draw when the readers are updated 🙂 I am glad you follow politics which is a little stereo-type liek Ekta Kapoor serials and yet very interesting due to these small little Scambo and Rambo incidents 😀

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