Modi listens to presentation on 2002 riots

Syed Zafar Mahmood , a renowned critic of Gujarat Chief Minister,Narendra Modi,presented a slide show at the Young Indian Leaders Conclave, touching upon various aspects of problems being faced by Muslims and the 2002 riots, in front of the Gujarat CM and said he was happy that his views were taken in stride. His presentation was to explain why is the Muslim Community of the country heavy-hearted with BJP and Modi. Modi assured to consider the issues presented.

The ghost of 2002 Gujarat riots has haunted Modi since a decade now. And it is the same ghost which has become a major threat for him to even think about the Prime Ministerial post.Convincing the Muslim Community to ease themselves against him is the only way out. After all,the path to Delhi can never be set without the support of Β the major Minorities.

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  1. Modi Has done his part in Gujarat 2002 riots and now he face the consequence and I really feel he is also not 100% secular…The recent example is where he only saved Gujarat people in Uttrakhand..

    1. well..secular , my friend, is virtual world.Secularism is fiction.Picking up people of Gujarat from the flood-spot was a political step, I believe and regarding the 2002 riots , this is the only topic I find Modi tries dodging.Anything else, he roars with logic and sense. Speaks for itself. πŸ™‚

    2. Harsha does it matter which people he saved they are all Indians, what really matters is he saved lives πŸ˜‰

        1. political stunts these are.. saving life on the basis of states is so partial yet cannot be considered void.After all,life saved has to be credited

          1. Yep I agree with mysay human life has prime ascendency over every thing and ethnicity is irrelevant

  2. not fair, Harsha I was here first πŸ˜‰
    Mysay I agree with you, the only thing standing between NaMo and PM is Godhra and I think he should publicly apologise for it

    1. Vijay Ji , that would not help him get Minority votes on the contrary he would loose his hardcore Hindu votes.Few who consider the riot was the need of the moment and there are few fanatics who seriously think so πŸ™

      1. No mysay look it at this way, its not the votes that count, apologising would make him a better statesman(I certainly would adore him if he does that) The apology doesnt have to be to this religion or that religion but to say SORRY for what happened during his rule

  3. Does it matter who he saved in Uttrakhand ? He saved and that’s that. Its better than the politicians who did not have the guts to go there and stuck to lame blame game statements on twitter and the likes.
    Btw Jack (mithun da), I simply love the cartoons, they get better everyday !!

  4. Major minority..oxymoron!
    Your post reminded me of an old Hindi film song sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Hemant kumar both but solo…the lyrics go like this…wo dastaan jo hamne kahi bhi hamne likhi bhi aaj wo khud se suni hai….

    1. I have not heard the song yet .. πŸ™
      but I have noticed Modi dodging 2002 related questions everytime in media . Speaks for itself !

  5. I am a strong Modi fan…and I know watever he does, he will not be able to clear off his past accusitions. you have very rightly said…If you have to reach Delhi…you need to take minority in your stride. Very nice doodle representation. I simply love the fact that no matter you give explanation or not..your doodles are self explanatory πŸ™‚

    1. thanks Jiggs ! πŸ™‚
      I somehow trust him … as a great prospect for India although .. I have seen him dodging 2002 questions !! Rest he behaves rational and talks upfront and sensible.
      I wish .. he would have kept a clean image ..2002 riots are the reason why the Minorities remain negative toward him and that is the difference between Atal ji and him. Even the minorities did not mind .. Atal ji as the PM !

        1. abhi rest chahiye unko bhi .. kuch kavitayein likhni hain .. jaane se pehle .. unko disturb karna .. “Acchi baat Nahi hai ” hahaha
          do u know that was his pet dialogue ?

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