Salman starts website on his court cases

Actor,Salman Khan has launched a website for  his fans and the media to let everyone know  the exact details of the legal cases pending against him. A website,  is being regularly updated by his group of legal experts, who are serving as an interface between the star and his fans.
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0 thoughts on “Salman starts website on his court cases”

    1. 🙂 hehehe .. i hijacked your thoughts 😀 well, i have made the cartoon and you inform Sanju Baba about the idea .. apna hisab barabar 😀

        1. u should! If in any way I can be of help do let me know.Our Bengal is a den of artists … somehow most are selecting computers 😀 hardware and software .. 🙂

  1. Bade bade log…badi badi baaten… the celebs encash on their misfortunes as well….things to learn from….is this the way to mould public opinion?

    1. yes and it may include some more guilty celebs .. Vindoo,Shiny,Nadeem, so many more 🙂
      BTW its a pleasant surprise!! Its amazing to see you after almost a month .. or more .. 🙂

      1. बुरी आदतें जल्दी पीछा नहीं छोड़तीं ! 😀
        Во всяком случае, я держу с Indiblogger!

  2. hhaha..I have seen the website..kitni bechaari si photo lagayi hai salman ki 😀 😀
    and i loved the way how you linked sanjay dutta to this. Shiny ahuja..bindu Dara singh and many others would feel jealous for not been able to make up in your doodle 😀

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