Team India wins Champions Trophy

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Due to rain , the final match between England and India in the Champions Trophy 2013 was minimized to 20 overs from 50.India batted first and scored 130 runs and while the English gave a last ball fight, could not make 130 runs and lost the match.

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    1. Holy Lord !! who do i meet after ages ?? 🙂 Hello sir.. how are you ? I am glad .. Team India’s win brought an old friend to my space 🙂
      Blessed !!

      1. Been busy and I noticed that I have not been getting mails from your blogs when you post new blogs. Was horrified to find that and just fixed it. 🙂
        I’m sorry for being absent. 🙂 Will fix that too. 🙂

        1. Some readers matter a lot and you are indeed one of them 🙂
          I feel good hearing from you after such a longtime.
          Technical glitches.. man made things deny being perfect .. so no issues at all,Sir..

          1. I’m beginning to understand that a lot of people whom I used to follow are absent from my mail list. I entirely depend on the mail and not the ‘reader’ because that was malfunctioning a bit. I’m in a recovery process now and when I get time, I will go through what I missed because I was thoroughly enjoying your beautiful sense of humor and amazing cartoons.
            Please don’t call me sir. That makes me feel old! 😀 😀 😀

          2. hehehe.. sir was as a friend .. Delhi Style – Sir Ji 😉
            I thank you for liking whatever small little shapes I try drawing .. just a way of expressing myself … 🙂
            i know , many complain about the email glitch !!

      1. Bro barish ka girna bhi fixed tha 🙂 Yahan kimaton ke siwa sab fixed hai, bas kimat badte jaati hai aur SENSEX utarte jaa raha hai

        1. abhi kya bhai .. ye sab bolke aap apne excitement ka sensex utaar diye .. mei socha abhi ye jeet ka credit Dhoni aur uska ladka log ko melenga bolke .. pun aap unki mehnat ko koi value-ich nai derele hai! 🙂

  1. yeeeh … India win and prove the world … Scams, corruption and spot fixing doesn’t make a difference … we were the champions and will be the champions … 3 cheers to this victory !!

  2. ha ha ha 😀 My God! Your depiction is hilarious! That man crying….simply awesome! 😀 just can’t stop laughing looking at his face 🙂 thanks 🙂

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